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Planning on Renting Furniture Rent Furniture With Us Starting at 188 Per Month
October 31, 2022

Planning on Renting Furniture? Rent Furniture With Us Starting at $188 Per Month. 

Furnishing a unit is now more accessible, affordable, and convenient than ever. If you have just recently moved into a new but empty house and are skeptical about purchasing furniture, renting is another option you should consider. 

If you are a landlord who owns properties for rent, furnishing them with essential furniture items will help increase your monthly rental yield and attract more qualified tenants. 

On the other hand, if you are renting a unit for the short-term, renting furniture is a more practical and convenient option to make your unit livable and comfortable than buying new ones. 

If you are new to furniture renting and want to know more about how it works, this blog is for you. Here, we will uncover the benefits of renting furniture and discuss our furniture rental service. What type of furniture can you rent? Can you rent for the short-term? Which one is a better alternative if you are planning to rent?  New furniture or used furniture? Stick until the end of this blog and decide whether renting furniture is the right option for you. 

Should you rent new or used furniture?

Landed House - Living Room

When sprucing up a new space with furniture, renting either new or used pieces has its own advantages and disadvantages. Furnishing our home with furniture is essential to make it move-in ready and livable. We want to get the most bang for our buck when we spend money. Whether buying something new or renting a new unit or furniture. Used furniture items are much more affordable and are a practical alternative, especially if you are not staying for long in a particular place. 

If, on the other hand, you are thinking of renting new furniture, they may be pricey and you can’t be sure if they will have problems after a few months of use. A used item may be just as durable and stylish as new furniture items but at a lower rental price. If you wish to stay within a budget and avoid going overboard with the design, you might go for used furniture.

Another advantage of renting second-hand furniture is that there is a possibility that you can find stylish, one-of-a-kind products that are unique and authentic. Well-made furniture items tend to last for an extended period of time and still look as good as new. That is why used furniture items are often more sturdy and durable compared to new ones.

What are the benefits of Renting Furniture?

Renting Furniture is flexible. 

renting furniture

Regardless of how long (or short) your stay in Singapore, furniture rental companies like us will happily accommodate whatever furniture needs you may have.

Rental periods can go on for as little as one month to over a year. If you have to move out of your temporary accommodations sooner than expected, that works too. 

Renting furniture is convenient.

If you are renting for the short term, renting furniture is a reasonable option rather than buying. When you move out, you will no longer have to worry about where to store your furniture or what to do with them. Simple and convenient. 

Practical Pricing. 

Renting is more practical than buying because you don’t have to pay a larger upfront amount to get all the furniture you need in your new home. Instead, the payment will be spread over a period of time based on lease period.

In Singapore Furniture Rental, the longer you rent, the lower your monthly rental fee will be. For example, if you decide to rent this Mocca 3 – seater sofa for 12 months, it will cost you S$64 a month. If you want to rent it for 2 years, the monthly rent will be S$48 only. Basically, the longer you decide to rent, the less you pay per month.



Does  Renting Furniture Sound Appealing To You? 

You can rent furniture with us for as low as $188 per month with a minimum of 12 months! The furniture items included in this pricing are the most essential items used in primary areas of your home. These includes the living room, dining room, and bedroom. 

Living Room

Dining Room





Study Room



Suppose you want to add more furniture such as bedside tables, closets, outdoor furniture, office chairs, study desk, and even appliances. In that case, you can do so by browsing through our catalogue of furniture for rent right here. Contact our sales team and start renting furniture today!

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