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January 19, 2021

Office Staging 🏢

An office is no longer just a room with cubicles and rigidly-arranged rows of desks. Companies are looking for a workspace that is innovative and stylish, which encourage both open communication and creativity.

So as a landlord or agent, how do you spruce up your office space to attract tenant? Well no worries, SFR now provides Office Staging.

What is Office Staging?

Office staging is similar to home staging, but…OFFICE. We bring in the necessary furniture and accessories to transform your space into a well-furnished office.

So why do Office staging?

1. Attract potential tenant

When viewing a vacant space, it can be daunting for many, making it hard to visualise themselves working within the space. So with office staging, the potential buyer can better understand the layout and envision themselves working within the space.

2. Providing a hassle-free experience for the tenant

If your tenant likes the furniture we have placed, we also provide long term furniture rental for the items. So you can have a move-in ready office for your potential tenant.


Need help staging your property? SFR Home Staging has helped hundreds of agents and homeowners to sell their property within weeks after staging. Some even manage to get their property sold at a higher asking price!

Get in touch with our friendly sales personnel for a personal, customised staging proposal now!