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August 31, 2015

Just Got Your TOP Unit? Top 5 Things to Check During Inspection

To all homeowners and property investors, receiving the TOP confirmation for their properties is the most exciting thing ever.

During the warranty period, if the owner discovers any defects with the property, they could request the developer to fix them. This is where property inspection becomes super important.

Yet, many people (especially first time property owners) lack the right experience to look out for the important things during property inspection. Because of this, about 80% of property owners will probably check for scratches, cracks on floor and other minor defects.

In this article, we will share the top 5 things to check during your inspection to offer some good starting points.

Tip #1 – Get Ready Water, Electricity, Gas & Internet


Many people feel that they need to make sure the house is in perfect condition before they apply for SP Services and internet. However, doing these things first actually allows you to check the electricity infrastructure, the network and also detect any defects related to drainages and piping.


This is about checking the property for any potential dangers, especially if there are children or elderly staying in the house. For example, for tile skirting, check for sharp edges that could potentially hurt your family members.

Also, check for any cracks on all glass panels and windows, however small the cracks may be. Inform the developer to replace them as soon as possible as the cracks could easily cause the glasses to break.

Tip #3 – Waterproof Check All Windows

To many Chinese, water signifies fortune. Hence, it is important to pay attention to areas that would be impacted by “water”.

After heavy rain, check the areas near your windows for any water retention, especially the areas between the window metal panel and the wall. Water leakage from windows can cause costly damage to your wooden flooring.

Tip #4 – Check Bathroom for Any Water Retention


The bathroom floor should have a certain degree of slope to prevent water retention on the surface. After taking a shower, the water on the bathroom floor should be drained after a while.

However, sometimes as the developer rushes through their work for TOP, this could be overlooked, especially for areas near the toilet bowl.

Tip #5 – Check for Wardrobes (Condos & EC)


Wardrobes probably have the most number of defects reported for most developments.

First, check for any damage or color difference for the carpentry work. If you notice some parts of the wood change color strangely, it could be due to some sort of water leakage.

Second, check whether the doors of the wardrobes can be close tight and whether the binders are loose.

Finally check for any sharp edges that could hurt you. You could request the developer to polish the sharp edges.

Lastly, the best and fastest way to ensure defects are rectified is to cooperate with the developer and the engineers. We all understand that properties are expensive purchases and everyone would like to get their properties in perfect condition at TOP. However, The entire property development process is complex and involve many parties.

The engineers are there to help, so instead of being bossy and demanding, work with them nicely and they would be able to rectify the defects as soon as possible.

At the end of the day, the earlier you could settle the defects, the earlier you can move in.