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How We Stage This Multi-Generational Landed House in Tampines
September 19, 2022

How We Stage This Multi-Generational Landed House in Tampines

A multigenerational landed house is a house that is designed to accommodate large families or a household made up of three generations. This typically includes children and two to three generations of related adults. If you have grandkids, you, your child, both of your partners (if any are present), and your grandchildren are included. Singaporeans are family-oriented in fact, family comes first on Singaporeans’ priority lists, followed by one’s own health and financial security. 

Recently, we staged a Semi-detached 14, 300 sq ft built-up multi-generational landed house. This property is ideal for families who want two houses under one name. The house also features balconies and huge floor-to-ceiling glass windows for maximum light and ventilation.

When looking for homes, families tend to be meticulous when it comes to the details. They want a space where they can feel at home, comfortable, and relaxed. We staged this landed house with the perspective of families in mind. What do they want to see? What features are they looking for in a house? And most importantly, what do they want to feel once they step into the house? We took all these into consideration and came up with a home staging design scheme that we think will be most effective in catching their attention. 

We add a touch of coziness to a modern living room

Landed House - Living Room

Landed House - Living Room

The landed house was big enough to fit two living rooms. We decided to go for a modern yet chic and comfy living room style. To create contrast and distinction between these living rooms, our team selected furniture in two different colors. Living room 1 has a black leather sofa set to create that modern masculine appeal. 

The black seating was accentuated with a neutral abstract rug paired with a contemporary stylish coffee table. We added a splash of color using soft furnishings and a black and gold console table to evoke elegance. To decorate the bare walls, we placed an abstract painting up against the console table and balanced it with small accessories and a standing lamp. 

For the second living room, we used ochre-colored sectional sofas. We arrange them right across each other to define the space. Pairing it with a neutral-colored rug with a hint of bluish print creates a striking contrast making the living room more vibrant. We decided to place a long console table on the walls and accessorize it with a few decorations and artworks to keep the walls from being empty. Our goal was to create a modern yet inviting living room that has a homely feel that the family will love. 

Keeping the master bedroom elegant yet comfy

Master Bedroom

The theme for the master bedroom is neutral sheets contrasted with wooden and golden elements. This scheme creates a Scandinavian modern feel which is a current trend in interior design. The master bedroom has large windows which allow the natural light to illuminate the space. This effect makes the bedroom appear brighter and effortlessly chic.

Modern bedroom design like these works best especially when prospective buyers visit the house to view it. Sometimes, they don’t have an idea of how to style their bedrooms so having these compositions will initially give them an idea of the kind of space they want. 

Staging a children/teens’ bedroom

Children's Bedroom

Families are always going to look for a children’s bedroom when looking for properties to buy. While this landed house has many bedrooms, we decided to stage the most important ones and these include the master bedroom and the children’s bedroom. This bedroom was big enough to fit two twin-sized beds. 

Initially, we wanted the prospective homebuyer to picture what they want to do with the space so everything was kept to a bare minimum. The goal was only to show them the potential of the room and not restrict them from imagining what they can do to that space. 

Sprucing up the balcony with outdoor furniture


Balconies and terraces are perhaps the best features of the house. The balcony has a nice view overlooking the neighborhood. We wanted the family to see what they can experience when they decide to buy and move in. 

We created a relaxing and very modern ambiance where they can picture themselves having a relaxing time – maybe spending time with their children, and grandchildren, drinking wine after dinner, or just spending some downtime on a weekend. 

As you can see in this image above, we added three sets of furniture – one is an outdoor dining set, a living room set, and a small rounded table with a chair, accentuating it with an orange hammock chair. 

Adding a study/office nook

Home Office

Our team decided to place a study nook/office nook right beside the master bedroom. We do not want to leave the space empty. Some home buyers, especially working parents, would prefer to have their office adjacent to the master bedroom. This creates privacy and convenience when working from home. Of course, the buyer can transform the room to serve another function but adding something, even just a piece of furniture will affect how they see the potential and functionality of the room. 

Keeping the dining area sleek and contemporary

Dining Room

For the dining area, we selected an 8-seater wooden dining table. The dining area was surrounded by windows with a view of the outdoor space. We wanted to create a minimalist yet elegant vibe to complement the paint color, the windows, and the simple architectural features of the house. 

The color palette for the dining room was neutral gray with wooden and golden elements. We added a white console table on the wall for a furnished look and tied the look together with a multi-colored abstract print rug. 

Why Stage?

Staging is all about suggesting something rather than imposing. When we stage homes, we are suggesting to homeowners what they can do to a space or how a room will look when fully furnished. It is true that many people don’t know what they want until you show it to them. A particular property can be the perfect home for a family but if it doesn’t show them what they want, which is comfort, homeliness, and convenience, then it will not catch their attention. When selling premium properties like these, staging can make a whole lot of difference. 

Do you have a property up for sale? Stage it with us. Contact our team and kickstart your home staging journey now. 

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