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How We Stage This 2-Bedroom Condo Unit in Jervois Road Singapore
November 14, 2022

How We Stage This 2-Bedroom Condo Unit in Jervois Road Singapore

Condominium units are one of the most popular types of property in Singapore. Living in a condo unit has its fair share of pros and cons. However, many people, especially first-time homeowners, prefer to buy condo units over single-family homes for several reasons. Aside from it being more affordable than single-family houses, condo units also offer flexible living. If you are planning on staying in a particular district for the medium-term and currently not planning to make any home improvements, then a condo unit is the right one for you. 

Another advantage of a condo unit is the amenities that you can enjoy. There are pools, playgrounds, tennis courts, spas, a fitness gym, a rooftop, and a magnificent city view. Condo units are also located in downtown areas or districts near business hubs, shopping malls, train stations, and the like.  

We have staged hundreds of condo units in the past, and real estate agents engage with us consistently to stage the condo units they will be selling. There are thousands of condo units in the market, and the competition is tough. Therefore, real estate agents are looking for ways to market a condo unit better to sell quickly and at a higher price. This blog will show how we staged this Premium Condo Unit on Jervois Road.

The Living Room

The Dining Area

The Bedrooms

The Home Office

The Kitchen

The Bathroom

The Balcony

Planning to stage your property soon? We’ve got your back! We will take care of your property throughout the staging process by engaging with our service. Stage the five most important rooms in your property without the hassle and attract more quality leads. Visit our website or contact us through WhatsApp to get a quote.

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