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December 2, 2021

How Video Tours Can Help You Find Potential Buyers

Any transaction can be done online nowadays. We use the internet to buy everything: food, clothes, gadgets, and now, even homes. Yes, even the real estate industry is putting in work online!

For most people, shopping for a new home starts with a quick Google search. This is where the pipeline begins, and how people who’ve produced content for a particular property can all work together. But there’s a certain type of content that’s particularly effective in turning casual viewers into potential buyers: video content. Video tours, to be specific.

If the content does its job, a potential buyer could be looking through property portals one day and closing a transaction the next day.

So how exactly can you take advantage of video as a seller or landlord?

Choose The Right Agent

Choose the right agent… who will then pick the right video production team!

Now, this goes without saying. Once you decide it’s time to sell your property, getting in touch with a good agent should be the first thing you do. But what does this have to do with video?

Real estate agents will do many things for you. But one of the most important things they’ll do for you is to produce video content for your property. They’ll often reach out to their preferred video production house and get to work right away coming up with content for your property. In some cases, they’ll even have their own in-house production team.

Numerous video production teams cater to the real estate industry specifically, such as Affinity Motions. They’ve produced over 1,000 videos since they were founded in 2016, serving 400 clients across various SG real estate agencies. It’s a win-win for both parties. Real estate agencies need quality videos done, and video tours are a great way for video production houses to show off the quality of their product.

How Agents and Production Houses Work Together

Real estate agencies and video production teams share a symbiotic relationship.

The two parties each play a crucial role when producing the video content. Usually, members of the real estate agency will do a video tour of your property, while members of the video production team will shoot and edit it. Once the video’s shot and edited, the real estate agency will then publish it on sites like YouTube and utilize their digital marketing expertise to get as many eyeballs on the video as possible.

Aside from that, unlike other forms of marketing done for properties, videos remain published online long after properties are sold. This is good for both the real estate agents and the video production houses. In the words of Affinity Motions, video content allows consumers to envision real estate agents as “walking, talking people,” not just faces on social media profiles.

This allows them to more effectively build trust with their consumer base, in turn, improving their ability to close sales. More sales then mean more business for the prod houses. This also means that you’re likely not going to have to wait very long to find a buyer for your property. Everybody wins!

The Inherent Value of Video Content

Video tours provide your potential buyers with the opportunity to view your property wherever they may be!

Video tours provide you with a very unique opportunity as a property seller. With quality video tours, you offer up to people the opportunity to view your property without physically going there. In the case of video tours, potential homebuyers will be able to go on viewings at their convenience.

In the age of Covid, this is quite a big deal. Having marketing materials such as this easily available online goes a long, long way especially now that peoples’ mobility has been relatively limited. Anyone looking to purchase a home can shortlist their favorite properties just by scrolling through YouTube!

Of course, the end result of video tours, or any other marketing done for your property is a conversion. The magic of video tours is it functions as a funnel throughout the process, directing your audience down a path that may lead to a purchase.

Great video tours can encourage a casual viewer to turn into a potential buyer, who may want to see your property with their own eyes. This is where real estate agents can shine the brightest, and where you’re most likely to see a potential buyer turn into a sure one!

Video Is The Future

It really is.

Think of it this way. Back in the age of television, just seeing anything broadcast on TV gave it a certain level of prestige. Today, you don’t need to deal with networks or anything like that to get the same treatment. Any decent real estate agent will take care of all the logistics behind this for you!

On top of this, video has some very unique properties as a marketing asset. For one, search engines like Google just love video content and push these in their algorithm as much as possible. Keep in mind also that the second most active search engine in the world isn’t a Google alternative: it’s YouTube! This all works to your advantage as you venture to get your property sold as quickly as possible.

Getting a video tour for your property is one of the best things you can do for it!

A well-produced video tour, paired with home staging, are just some of the ingredients to ensure your property doesn’t stay too long on the market. We’re partnered with Affinity Motions as well, so you or your agent can enjoy a 10% discount when availing both of our services together!

It’s absolutely an essential part of giving your property the marketing treatment it deserves. Make sure you talk this over with your real estate agent!