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July 20, 2022

How To Choose The Best Last-mile Delivery Service For Furniture Retailers

Last-mile delivery is just as crucial as sales and production operations. If the finished product cannot be delivered to the end user safely, acquiring consumers, boosting revenue, and developing creative products are all for naught.

Given the growing importance of online shopping and e-commerce in society. The success of your business depends on choosing the right last-mile delivery provider. Since the beginning of the pandemic, many people have become dependent on delivery services. This results in the growing demand for a better and quicker logistics service. 

Finding a reliable and experienced logistics provider that handles heavy and bulky items is a challenge. Why? Because there are only a few company that does this. Keep in mind that last-mile logistics are the last step of the delivery process. This means that it is part of the customer experience. Therefore, when selecting your delivery provider, make sure that you select the one that can meet the needs and demands of your business. 

Why Should You Outsource Last-Mile Delivery Service?

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Reduced financial and operational expenses

Outsourcing your last-mile delivery services will help you save your time, effort, and money. You don’t need to employ and train staff, fleets, which means no more additional costs. Moreover, having a reliable team handling your packages will help increase customer retention. 

Convenient for you and your customers

A last-mile delivery company streamlines all your delivery and shipping processes. This include packaging, transporting, and even installation. It makes your overall business operations fast and efficient. In addition, you can focus more on other important tasks like managing sales and preparing the products. With proper handling and shipping of the furniture products, your clients will be more satisfied. The happier they are, the higher your customer retention will be. 

Ensured safety and secure delivery of goods

Getting sales is one thing but making sure that the products arrive in a safe and secure manner is another thing. You can hire a fleet of trucks and delivery personnel to deliver the furniture to your customers. However,  this can cost you a lot of money. Not to mention the amount of time you have to allocate to train your staff on how to handle fragile and bulky items. But, when you hire a last-mile delivery provider, you instantly cut your cost by a ten-fold. Moreover, you have the assurance that your furniture will be safely and securely delivered. 

Provide the best last-mile delivery customer experience

Any business that wants to enjoy continuous success must provide outstanding customer service. A satisfying customer experience enhances brand advocacy, loyalty, and customer retention. Positive reviews is the bloodline of a business. If you are in the furniture production or retail industry, you need to provide the best customer experience to your customers to be able to retain them and eventually acquire more. You can achieve this by making sure that your processes are efficient from ordering to shipping. 

Handling the product to the customer is the last phase of the customer experience and this is generally the crucial part. To be sure that you provide the best to your customer from start to end, get a last-mile delivery provider who has a well-trained and accountable staff. 

Factors to consider when choosing a last-mile delivery provider

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Considering hiring a last mile-delivery provider? Factor the following before taking your pick. 

Last-Mile Delivery Experience

Hire a company with a team of experts. Furniture, appliances, and other heavy/bulky items in the house are not easy to handle. Note that these products are expensive and one single mistake at handling them can cause damage. Therefore, the provider that you should hire must have enough experience in handling fragile and heavy items. 

Proper Equipment

Make sure that the company you hire has a reputable fleet of trucks and delivery vehicles to deliver the items. They should have the proper equipment to carry heavy furniture items safely. Whether it’s in a landed house or on the top of a tall building. Proper equipment will ensure safety, convenience, and efficiency. 

Can Meet customer expectations

Look through the background of this company you are eyeing. Do they have repeat clients? Do they deliver what they promised? Background checking is always a good idea when you hire someone to do a task that will affect your company hugely. 

Good reviews

Does this company have positive reviews? What do their client’s say about them? Is this a reliable company? Check out if the company has a website or social media pages and see what other clients have to say about them. Nowadays, almost all businesses are on social media. If a business is searchable on Google or on social media platforms, it means that the company/logistics business has somewhat established themselves in the industry. 

A committed and accountable logistics team

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Lastly, the last-mile delivery provider that you should hire should have a trusted and experienced logistics team. They should be confident and able enough to handle heavy and large furniture and appliances. Moreover, the company must have clear guidelines, contract presentation, and an accountable manager that will oversee the process from start to end. 

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