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September 28, 2018

How to Avoid Over Staging

Home Staging can boost your chance of selling houses quicker, yet its also easy to overdo it. Here’s some tips on how to avoid making this mistake that could turn off potential buyers:

  1. Avoid Exaggerated Decoration


Having plants as indoor decoration is nice, but you certainly don’t need five plant pots in the living room. It can make the room appear messy and unkept. You are selling a lifestyle, and the house is where the lifestyle would take place, therefore the space needs to be in sync with the lifestyle. A messy lifestyle will leave a negative impression on potential buyers.

      2. Stage Room Accordingly


The aim of Home Staging is to help potential buyers envision how they can use a space. If a space is staged excessively, it would be difficult for them to visualise how they can utilise it. For instance, making your bedroom look like a hotel room with snacks and a kettle might be a little too much.

      3. Don’t Overpersonalise


Styling your house in a way that it appeals to wider range of home buyers is part of Home Staging. Personal touch such as photos, collectibles, even your own way of decorating your house. An over-personalised house that looks like it belongs to someone would turn off buyers since they won’t see any potential of living there.

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