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February 21, 2022

How Real Estate Agents Can Sell Their Properties 3x Faster!

How does home staging help real estate agents sell properties fast? This is one of the questions we get a lot. 

Home staging is basically a marketing strategy that helps real estate agents sell properties fast and at a higher price. We’ve staged thousands of units in the past and almost 90% of those staged homes get sold in less than three months. 

The reason why home staging works is that it showcases the ideal lifestyle and therefore, has the potential to attract quality buyers, and get a premium offer. When a buyer walks into a staged unit, they will have a good first impression and they will be able to visualize themselves living in the unit. 

Here are some of the units that we staged:


Before Home staging

Before home staging

After home staging

Before home staging

After home staging

To see more of the homes we staged, check out our home staging portfolio right here.

Why should you do home staging?

We’ve worked with real estate agents who were having trouble selling their clients’ homes. The houses are not selling despite the fact that they are in fantastic condition, are in a good location, and are reasonably priced. This is due to the lack of furnishings or crucial aesthetic components that would bring the unit to life and attract potential buyers. 

How staging helps the agent sell properties fast:

Staged properties spend an average of 90% less time in the market compared to similar but non-staged homes.

One of our clients staged 50 units and 95% of them were sold in less than 3 months. If the client’s goal is to sell the property in the shortest amount of time, staging the unit will help. 

The agent can get good photos that will make the listing stand out. 

Nowadays, almost everyone who’s looking to purchase anything always goes to social media to view their options. There are thousands of property listings on online real estate marketplaces not to mention social media ads and posts. What you can do to stand out among all the similar listings is to take attractive photos of the property. Good photos will entice potential home buyers to click on the listing and make an inquiry. 

The agent can get up to 9-10 home viewings 

You should expect a lot of inquiries and requests for property viewings because you were able to take good property photos from staging the unit. A staged property is also more likely to appeal to high-end purchasers and attract fewer low-ballers.

The property will more likely to get a higher price bid

One of the advantages of a staging a home is that you can sell it at a higher price. Staging entices buyers to make a greater offer on the property. According to 2020 statistics from the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA), 85% of staged properties received offers between 5% and 23% more than the original listing price. 

There is a high return on investment

Since the property is more likely to get a higher offer from qualified home buyers, there is a high return on investment. 75% of home sellers saw a return on investment of around 5-15% by investing only 1% of the property’s value on home staging. 

The agent will never have to worry about sales.

When the properties you sell are staged beautifully, you will never have to worry about not getting sales. A staged home will attract a lot of  qualified buyers. All you have to do is wait for the sales to come pouring in. It actually saves you time and effort and you can focus on more important things like preparing legal documents for signing. 

When you stage a unit, you will be able to showcase its best feature. Staging will enhance the space, highlight a good view, and improve the overall attractiveness of the unit. More than anything else, the property will attract a pool of buyers and you’ll never get to worry about where to get your leads. 

We have helped over 800 agents efficiently transact over 1,800 properties with property staging. So, if your property is stuck in the market without getting any leads or inquiries, now is the right time to up your game and get your property into the limelight. Engage with us today and kickstart your home staging journey.