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October 4, 2021

How Pro Real Estate Agents Market Your Property Online

The best real estate agents are at the top for one very simple reason: they make sales! Buyers and sellers entrusting their property to them will have little to fear. As we’ve found ourselves deep into the information age, the real estate industry has changed with the times.

Gone are the days when hosting home viewings and open houses constituted most of the work of a real estate agent. These days, most of what agents do in terms of real estate marketing occurs online. Content is king these days, so here are some players in the real estate industry that we think do a great job with theirs.

Property Lim Brothers

Let’s start with the big guns. A cursory glance at any of their social media channels will tell you everything you need to know: these guys put the pro in professional. They’re not shy about it either.

They have a strong presence on seemingly every major channel. This includes Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and even Spotify and TikTok! What’s truly remarkable about this though, is that they’re able to deliver value-adding content to their audience on all of these channels.

Let’s look at their content on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook for instance. Unlike what some other agents do, Property Lim Brothers dedicates a portion of their commission fees towards ad spending. This ad spend goes towards promoting the content they produce for you to anyone that might be interested.

Just one glance at any of their channels will show you that their content does far better than their contemporaries online.  This is thanks to one of PLB’s many marketing strategies for their content.  They aim to target audiences beyond those browsing through property portals.

Another great thing about how PLB approaches marketing and content creation is its dedication to providing value to its audience. Co-founder Melvin Lim also hosts the podcast Nuggets On The Go. It’s available on both Spotify and YouTube on PLB’s channel in video format.

We think that this podcast exemplifies how PLB has been able to dominate online. For one, the podcast is very informative and features a lot of important insights for burgeoning real estate agents or just potential buyers and sellers. Aside from this, opting to film their podcasts allows them to cross-post on YouTube and Spotify, maximizing the reach of the podcast. PLB also crossposts between TikTok and YouTube, featuring teasers or snippets of their full-length video tours on TikTok.

With so much content under their belt, PLB empowers property owners with the ability to make better decisions with their property. If you find real estate interesting, you can easily fall down a PLB rabbit hole!



If PLB relies on its cast of engaging, colorful personalities to market its properties, Propseller’s approach is different. Its guiding ethos seems to make the process of buying and selling property as easy and simple as possible for the end-user. Case in point, their website’s layout is closer to a regular property portal than a real estate agency. That being said, information about the agency and its agents is readily available on the site. It’s just not what is emphasized.

While content is king online these days, Propseller doesn’t place a priority on this. Instead, the investments they make to market your property online mostly go towards Facebook ads, email marketing, and premium hostings on all the popular property portals such as EdgeProp,, and PropertyGuru.

Clearly, this strategy has been extremely effective for them, as one of their main selling points as a real estate agency is their very low 1% commission fee. This also covers whatever costs they may incur when running campaigns for your property. In their words, they’re able to keep their costs so low since they rely on a combination of technology and a team of specialists to market your property. This ensures it doesn’t spend too much time sitting on the market. Content is great, but guaranteed results for a low rate is an incredibly strong pull, too.



JNA Real Estate

They’re a rising star in the real estate world. What initially began as a way for a group of university graduates to pay off their student loans became a full-fledged agency in the span of a few short years. This is thanks to their young energetic team with fresh ideas for young property owners. Their approach seems to be taking cues from all the other more established players. Like PLB, they regularly publish content on YouTube and host a podcast. They also take the care to maintain a very sleek, easy-to-navigate website.

Their content does very well. Videos on their YouTube channel regularly rake in thousands of views. Let’s look at their best-performing video: a profile on a GCB that garnered over 500k views! Although there’s a good chance they’ve invested in ad spending for the channel, they clearly don’t rely on it too much. It’s clear they also have a good grasp on making compelling content. One great thing they do is tell stories with their content. This makes their content feel more like a feature you’d see on television, rather than an ad for one of their properties.

The sky is the limit for this young, hungry team of real estate professionals.

When it comes to looking for real estate agencies to manage your property, you’re spoiled for choice!

It’s hard to go wrong with any of these agencies, really. But the best part is, there are plenty of other agencies or individual agents who could do an equally bang-up job with your property too.