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June 1, 2020

Home Staging VS Virtual Staging

As a property agent, you must have heard of home staging. But have you heard of Virtual staging? Virtual staging creates highly realistic images with virtual furniture and settings, to enhance the presentation of the property.

So should you be doing Home staging or Virtual staging? Here are the benefits of both services and what we recommend to get the best value.

Home Staging Benefits:

  • – Brings out the full potential of your listing unit.
  • – Leaves a great first impression for viewers when stepping into the unit.
  • – Helps buyers to visualise living in the space.
  • – The ideal condition to make any content for marketing the unit on social media platforms. (Video shoot, photos and 360 virtual tours)


Virtual Staging Benefits:

  • – Budget-friendly
  • – Easy and convenient, no decluttering or moving of furniture required.
  • – Leaves a great first impression for potential buyers through highly realistic images.
  • – Great for tenanted or owner stay units, as there are no worries of moving any staged items.


So our recommendation would be, having a good balance of home staging and virtual staging for the best value. Home stage your living and dining to help your potential buyers visualise living in the space when they first step into the unit. While virtual stage the bedrooms and showcase it through the highly realistic images, to decrease the overall marketing cost.

Now, are you wondering where can you get both home staging and virtual staging? Well SFR home staging is currently in partnership with Tubear who specialise in virtual staging. Enjoy 10% OFF both services when you sign up for both home staging and virtual staging.

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