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February 25, 2019

Home Staging Mistakes That Turn Off Buyers

From vague house decor to poor quality photography, here are some of the most common Home Staging mistakes that people make when putting their house up for sale.

Personalized Decor


Depersonalising is an important part of Home Staging where personal decors are removed from the unit. The aim is to make the unit look like a brand new house on the market. When there are personal touches, the house will look like someone’s house. Potential buyers will be turned off as they won’t be able to see the unit as their possible future home.

Low Quality Photos of Your Unit



Professional Home Staging photos are necessary for marketing your unit on online property portals. Unflattering photos make your unit less appealing. In this case, securing a viewing will be more difficult. Posting high quality photos of your staged unit is ideal to grab the attention of potential buyers.

Gender-specific bedroom


When staging a bedroom, the colour and theme should be gender-neutral. Hence, it will appeal to all buyers and not only female or male buyers. Potential buyers should be able to envision how they can use the room in any way they want.

Vague definition of space


The function of each room must be clear. For example, if a workout tool is added to a bedroom, the function of the room will be unclear. Be very careful with a multi-purpose room as well. It is better to stick with one function rather than combining them, as potential buyers may find it confusing.

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