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March 4, 2016

Home Staging Case Study @ Jalan Kathi

Have you ever thought that a staged house can lead to a completely different ‘wow’ viewing experience compared to an unfurnished house?

Hard to imagine? We understand.

Well, let us show you the difference.

Meanwhile, we will also give you some simple tips about home staging that you can use.


#1. Create Groupings

A large, spacious, and empty area gives a false sense of emptiness and solitude.

However, it can be prevented by dividing the large space into a few smaller functional groupings such as living and dining rooms.

Such effort will create a homely and welcoming sensation, establishing a stronger emotional tie between the potential buyers and the properties.


#2. Style Your Dining Table

Do not leave your dining table empty because it can make the viewer feel uninvited.

Setting the dining table up with plates and cutlery  will increase the appeal of the house during viewing.


#3. The Essentials for Your Bedroom

Never forget to dress up the bed by using bed linens, cushions and comforters. A well made bed always gives an inviting gesture.

Placing a warm lighting floor lamp near the bed will make the bedroom feel more restful.



#4. Downplay Elements that are Disadvantageous to the Property

In this case study, a pillar in the middle of the bedroom could potentially block the imagination of the viewer, creating a false idea of bad layout.

By strategically placing furniture and decorations, this disadvantage can be downplayed. The pillar will be perceived as a divider for functional sections within the space.



#5. Create a Lifestyle People are Looking For

A set of sofa can be put on the spot that faces a greenery view.

It will give the viewers a sense of relaxation and cozy ambiance towards the house.


Keen to view the property yourself? SFR will be hosting an open house at 8A Jalan Kathi on 10 March (Thurs) 10am – 1pm. RSVP is open now!

Register >>Here.

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