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April 19, 2018

A Simple Guide to Setting up Home Lighting

Whether you are going for the classic light stand or an extravagantly lit-up living area, here’s a simple guide to get started on how to light up your home.

1. Lighting up focal points

PHOTO: SFR Home Staging
PHOTO: SFR Home Staging

The eye is always drawn to the brightest point upon entering a room. Plan your lighting setup around what you want to highlight in your area. Add a touch of lighting to the grand art piece in your living area and it can look a million times better.


2. Mains voltage or LED lighting

PHOTO: SFR Home Staging
PHOTO: SFR Home Staging

Easy to maintain and fuss-free, LED lights are also more energy saving than traditional fluorescent lights. However, mains voltage such as light lamps and table lamps can be a useful lighting option when  you are looking for a change of mood in a particular area of your home.

3. Go for purpose

light up your home
PHOTO: SFR Home Staging

If you really want to design lighting in your home, stick to the general rule of finding a purpose for each lighting setup. Don’t just go slapping lights on every corner of your rooms or just putting a light stand to “fill out the space”. Having adequate and appropriate lighting can set the right mood and atmosphere for your home.


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