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August 26, 2014

Furniture Rental, A Possible Solution for Sliding Rent?

Increasingly, Singapore is seeing the effect of the cooling measures and tightening foreign employment policies on the property market.

Not only have property sales transactions been slow moving, the rental markets are also seeing sliding rents.

In the rental article published on Singapore’s most popular property listing portal (“Leasing demand hits new high, but rents still sliding”), the experts highlighted the paradoxical phenomenon of rising rental demand and sliding rent.

One sounding explanation to this is that supply of rental properties is out-growing the demand as more newly completed homes are now ready for leasing.

If you are a property investor, what would you do to stay competitive and attractive while keeping your rental yield? Could furniture rental or home staging be a possible solution?

How could furniture rental and home staging help you, a property investor, in this case?

Firstly, given such an uncertain and competitive property market, capital is also important to property investors.

As a property investor, you invest in properties. Hence, spending a few grands on a full house of furniture and home appliances really should be at the bottom of your to-do.

“But what if my tenants require furniture?”

That is when furniture rental services come in handy. With the help of furniture rental, you could confidently tell your tenant that you are able to provide furniture they need when they move in without incurring large initial capital. When they confirm their tenancy agreement, you can simply contact a furniture rental company like Singapore Furniture Rental (SFR) to rent furniture and home appliances.

This arrangement also allows you the flexibility to suit the different needs of different tenants.

Given this market condition, every potential tenant could be important to you. Giving them the flexibility to decide whether they need an unfurnished or fully furnished unit could really make your property more attractive. Holding on to the pride of “my house is unfurnished, take it or leave it” (or vice versa) may not really help in a tenant market like this.

If you are concerned about the cost of furniture rental, simply do a quick check out of rental pricing on our website or give us a call for us to help you work within your budget.

Lastly, to really stand out from the other rental properties without incurring large initial capital on furnishing the house, home staging is a service that you could really consider. If you are unfamiliar with home staging, you can read this home staging case study written by the guys at SG PropTalks.

In a nutshell, home staging helps you to stage your properties like a show flat to make it more appealing to potential tenants. The cost is low but the result is amazing.

Check out some home staging photos below.




At SFR, we truly believe in serving and adding value to property investors, so they can stay competitive in this market. We are the first and only company in Singapore who offers home staging services just because we believe it would add value to our clients.

Contact us today if you need an one-to-one consultation about your property and we are more than happy to meet you. Plus, Coffee on us! 😉

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