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August 15, 2018

3 Decor Trends To Use in Home Staging

Home decor trends can be used in Home Staging to give the property a more new and improved look, which ultimately boosts the appeal of the property. Below are some of the latest home decor trends you can easily use for your Home Staging.

1. Dark Wood Furniture



The current wood trend is all about the “raw” appearance, thanks to the Scandinavian interior design craze. Wood furniture goes well with modern theme. Generally, wood furniture creates a warm, inviting atmosphere, but dark wood makes a richer, more elegant addition to your living space. Dark wood is also great if you love having greater contrasts in your interior.

2. Green Accents



Essentially, plants breathe life into your living space – making your living space more fresh and lively. For those looking for low maintenance decor, small pots of plants can brighten up a room in an instant. In modern interiors, simple plants are lovely additions to a simple interior design.

3. Geometric Print



Geometric prints attract and caught the eye in an instant. Most of the time it is perceived as a focal point of the room. Geometrical patterns can also be found in other forms such as floor tiles and wallpapers. As interesting and eye-catching they are, it is important to consider which geometric prints to use in Home Staging, as some patterns might not work with certain interior theme.

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