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Top-performing real estate agents engage in home staging
October 19, 2021

Dealmakers: Property Lim Brothers

The best real estate agents are at the top for one simple reason: they’re able to close sales fast and easily! Much of this can be attributed to how they approach their marketing. The best of the best employ broad, well-thought-out strategies to market their properties. After all, it takes more than just a well-produced video and placements on property portals to close a sale. Here’s what one of our favorites does!

For anyone who’s paid even a slight amount of attention to the Singapore real estate industry, these guys need no introduction. But for those uninformed, Property Lim Brothers are one of the most reliable sources of information on anything and everything related to Singapore real estate.

They’ve been in the game since 2007 and have helped over 1400 homeowners with their property transactions. Since they’ve been at it for such a long time, they’ve seen how the trends have shifted over time. Today, they understand the sheer importance of doing things well online. How they’ve chosen to go about this is particularly ingenious as well. They make content!

The best part? Through their content, they’re able to share their knowledge with you, the consumer!

Kings of Content

So what knowledge is Property Lim Brothers’ sharing with its followers exactly? Well, as close as they can conceivably get to everything about Singapore real estate. Worried about the stability of the Singapore housing market? PLB’s got an article on it. Wondering what type of property investment would work out best in the long run? PLB’s got an article on it. Thinking about how long you should save for a downpayment? PLB’s got a podcast episode on it. See the pattern here?

The consistent thing about PLB, and what makes their content so good, is in their staunch refusal to just ‘farm clicks.’ Their primary goal with their content is to generate value for you, the consumer. And what’s more valuable than knowledge?

This content comes in many forms, such as videos, articles, and podcasts. Let’s look at their podcasts first.

Podcasts Aplenty

They have podcasts like Sofa So Good where they have in-depth discussions with various industry experts on their fields of expertise. A good mix of people have been invited on as guests. From lawyers who’ve handled countless real estate transactions, all the way to interior design experts preaching the value of home styling and staging. They even invited our founder Kelvin Yeo on for an episode on furniture rental and home staging. All of these and more are available on both Spotify and YouTube for anyone interested, for free!

That’s not the only podcast PLB hosts though; they also have Nuggets on the Go. These two podcasts exemplify one facet of PLB’s ingenious approach to content. It’s all multimedia in nature. Their video content often isn’t just video content. They often cross-post their content across different channels in different forms.

Understanding The Value of Reach

As we’ve mentioned, both their series Nuggets on the Go and Sofa So Good are available on multiple platforms. Every episode Melvin records is published on YouTube and Facebook as full videos, and on Spotify as an audio-only podcast. That’s just efficiency: through shooting and editing one video, they’re able to cover a myriad of platforms.


Their video tours also take a similar approach. The full tours are available on platforms like YouTube or Facebook, and snippets or ‘teasers’ are available on TikTok. Despite TikTok’s reputation as a primarily Gen Z focused platform, it’s still the fastest growing social media platform today. Even without making any dedicated content for TikTok specifically, PLB has managed to build a healthy following on the site. Their teasers regularly get thousands of eyes on them.

The Power of Presence

PLB’s content doesn’t just benefit their readers, either. Through the quality and quantity of their content, PLB has been able to establish a strong digital presence on all the major social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube heck, even TikTok! If it’s online, PLB is there.

As we’ve mentioned, much of PLB’s success online can be attributed to how they go about planning, creating, and sharing their content.

Now let’s focus on their written content. Most, if not all of it, lives on their website. This typically comes in the form of news, content on their portfolio, and even some tips for the interested reader. We can assume that, just like any competent website owner, they take the time to run campaigns for this via Google Ads. But they don’t stop there.

Working Efficiently With Ads

They also take care to concurrently run ads and share their posts on their Facebook page. That’s a following of about 31,000 people that may end up sharing these posts to their own networks as well.

PLB’s expertise in digital advertising is as plain as day to any observant viewer. Much of their success online is thanks to their varied, methodical approach to digital advertising. They have hundreds of ads running at any given moment, in various shapes and sizes. These all tie back to, as you might have guessed, their content.

Thus, when trying to push exposure for one of their properties, they have several great options for pushing them. They can run ads for still images on these properties and push them to anyone the algorithm thinks might be looking to do a real estate transaction soon. These still images can be screenshots from their video tours or even just photos of the property itself. These can get pushed to both Facebook and Instagram as banner ads, or even as full posts.

Choosing to invest in building an audience online has paid dividends for PLB!

It’s given them the opportunity to reach people they normally wouldn’t be able to. Not everyone looking to make a property transaction is going to be actively looking most of the day. Thanks to PLB’s content strategy, they’re also able to reach people just casually browsing the web.

The bigger PLB’s overall reach, the better. This enhanced reach allows them to have a far easier time with finding their clients the right buyers for their properties. More importantly, it also makes information on the Singapore real estate industry far more accessible as well.