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November 22, 2021

Dealmakers: JNA Real Estate

The best real estate agents are at the top for one simple reason: they’re able to close sales fast and easily! Much of this can be attributed to how they approach their marketing. The best of the best employ broad, well-thought-out strategies to market their properties. After all, it takes more than just a well-produced video and placements on property portals to close a sale.

Real estate is often thought of as an older person’s game. It’s only natural; people are becoming first-time homeowners later in life compared to previous generations. That isn’t to say that housing isn’t a concern for younger generations, though. Far from it!

Plenty of millennials in Singapore are coming-of-age. With this, we’re seeing plenty of millennial homebuyers entering the market and taking the huge leap that comes with purchasing a house. Millennials buy homes too! This is where JNA Real Estate comes in: a real estate team established by millennials, for millennials.

Read more to find out what sets them apart from other players in the industry!

JNA’s Story

The story of JNA Real Estate, short for Jervis Ng Associates, begins with its founder, Jervis Ng. He had a university experience like most other millennials. He learned a thing or two, met some of his lifelong friends, and graduated with a slight problem: student debt. Thus, Jervis went on to form JNA Real Estate in 2017.

The business quickly took off from there, to say the least. Today, they’ve brokered $150 million in sales and show no signs of slowing down. They currently operate as an independent team under PropNex, one of Singapore’s biggest real estate agencies.

As JNA’s founder, Jervis Ng embodies much of the team’s success. Thanks to his father’s experience in the industry, Jervis had access to a lot of guidance and wisdom during JNA’s early years. This insight gave him some of the tools that led to him closing a deal within his first month of work. This landed him over S$170k in commissions, which he immediately set aside to reinvest back into his business.

Meet Jervis: the man who started it all!

Some of these investments include JNA Media Group: an in-house video production and digital marketing team. They’ve also set up shop in a new 1800 sq ft office — the first team of millennials in the real estate industry to do so.

However, what really pushed JNA Real Estate over the top is its unique approach to sales. The team is largely comprised of young, hungry individuals looking to prove themselves in the industry, and it reflects in their work ethic and commitment to their clients.

In Jervis’ own words, it’s their strong team dynamic that allows them to close sales, even on properties that have been sitting on the market for decades. They take on tons of listings, and are able to cover appointments for all of them thanks to their teamwork.

Their sales approach also places a heavy emphasis on the overall viewing experience for their potential buyers. They ensure each tour is a pleasant experience for potential buyers, and they take the necessary steps to ensure each property is in tip-top shape before each viewing. One of the things they do to prepare properties is home staging. As such, they’ve partnered with us countless times in the past to assist in staging the properties they manage.

The Power of Content

In this day and age, social media is everything. Before the advent of social media, businesses had to shell out boatloads of cash to get their ads on TV, print, or radio. With social media, businesses are able to promote their goods and services at a fraction of the cost.

They’re most active on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube, and post a good variety of content on those platforms. Jervis himself is also very active on Instagram, and boasts a healthy audience on his personal account. Sometimes he even shows off his taste in music on his posts.

A real estate video might be the last place you’d expect to hear Kanye, but for JNA, it’s completely on-brand.

So what kind of content does JNA itself specialize in? Their claim to fame is definitely their series JNA Unlocked: their series of video tours for the various properties they manage. Each episode is professionally shot and edited in-house, and hosted by members of their growing sales team.

JNA Real Estate’s X-Factor!

But that’s not the only format they publish videos in. They also feature two weekly segments on their YouTube channel: Mindful Mondays and Winning Wednesdays. In these segments, Jervis and other members of the team share some general career and life advice.

Their strong commitment to personal growth and success shows through in these videos, and they ask their viewers to hold themselves to the same standards. They also have more open-ended discussions on the Singapore property market as a whole on their channel, offering some of their industry insight to their viewers. This is all part of Jervis’ strategy to grow JNA Real Estate; he’s slowly shifted from sales towards mentorship over the years, and hopes to attract young people hoping to make a dent in the real estate industry.

Production Value

With each passing video they post, JNA’s investment into the JNA Media Group keeps looking better and better. Literally! A quick glance at any of their episodes of JNA Unlocked will tell you everything. Their tours look and feel like scenes from a movie, giving viewers a visual feast. Lots of people do their first round of canvassing online when shopping for a property. JNA knows this very well and strives to make their virtual tours as close to the real thing as possible.

JNA Unlocked offers a rare look into properties in the ultra high end market.

These tours wouldn’t be much though without the right presentation. Thankfully, Jervis and the rest of JNA do a bang-up job of presenting properties in these videos. Each video tour highlights the attractive qualities of the property at hand very well. You’ll see scenic views, luxurious interior design, and an emphasis on space in their videos. All these are presented in a casual, fun, and engaging way by JNA’s energetic sales team.

With JNA’s rapid ascent into the higher ranks of the real estate industry, the future is looking bright for the industry as a whole.

Part of what makes an effective salesperson lies in their ability to understand their customers. As millennial homebuyers continue to grow into the market, it’s important that their needs are served by people of their generation. Let’s hope that Generation Z will have its own version of JNA Real Estate too once they enter the market.