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July 2, 2018

Common Mistakes in Home Staging

It is crucial for property agents or home owners who wish to sell their property, to have a well staged property that will appeal to potential buyers. The following are some common mistakes in home staging which should be avoided when showcasing a property to customers.

  • Using decors of the same height and proportions 


Accessories that are in same height and proportions can make a room look cramped and ‘stuffed’, with less space. This can create an illusion that there is not much space and that the room is smaller than it actually is.

  • Combining different interior design themes

Can’t decide between traditional and minimalism? What happens when you combine two different styles? Most likely, a confusing colour palette. Including a little bit of everything can make a room seem less cohesive. Perhaps its the furniture or the accessories, either way, the pieces would look like they do not relate to one another.

  • Open storages

An open basket with things messily chucked inside can add to the ‘cluttered’ look of the property. Eliminating messy bits and corners should be a priority in home staging. You want your property to look as neat and clean as possible.

  • Art placement

Hanging an art piece is a common part of any interior design style. However, art placement is also a common mistake anyone can easily make. Hanging an art piece too high or too low is one example, it can disrupt the existing flow of other pieces in a room, making it stand out and drawing people’s attention to it.


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