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Read on for an easy, quick guide on how you can start beautifying your property


12 Tools for Property Agents to Increase Work Productivity

The creation of online tech tools by serviced-based companies has changed the workflow of many digital marketers, professionals, and entrepreneurs. Because of this, the workload has somehow decreased and tasks become easier to delegate, sort out, and track. But with the variety of tools available out there, a lot of people struggle to find the […]

More exposure strategies for property listings (New ways!)

Are you seeking more exposure? You’re coming to the right place. There are over 30 thousand property agents in the market. What are you going to do to stand out from the crowd? I believe before you found this article, you’ve already read through tons of articles that teach you how to get more exposure […]

Master communication skills in real estate

First and foremost, if you want to succeed in real estate, one of the core things you need to excel in is communication skills. The best real estate agents are barely shy or afraid to voice their opinions. They like to promote a property by focusing on its best aspects. They know how to put […]

WhatsApp Business For Property Agents

WhatsApp has been used as a communication tool over the years, whether to chat with family and friends or close a deal. To fulfil the needs of business owners, WhatsApp has introduced WhatsApp Business for business purposes. Features with catalogue, auto-replies and greeting text, more businesses have been leveraging WhatsApp Business to accommodate clients, especially […]

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8 Must-Read Books for Real Estate Agents To Generate More Leads and Close More Deals

In an industry where communication and negotiation skills are a must-have, books are one of the mediums that real estate agents seek to learn and improve. Reading improves memory, communication, writing skills, and focus. But, not all books are good to read. With the thousands of published books in the world, from self-help to business […]

Ten Critical Actions Real Estate Agents Do to Crush Their Sales Targets in 2022

Ever wondered why some real estate agents perform well than others? It’s partly because they’ve been in the industry for a long period of time. They pretty much know the ins and outs of the real estate market and they have learned a lot from their experiences. But those factors are only a few among […]