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Read on for an easy, quick guide on how you can start beautifying your property


More exposure strategies for property listings (New ways!)

Are you seeking more exposure? You’re coming to the right place. There are over 30 thousand property agents in the market. What are you going to do to stand out from the crowd? I believe before you found this article, you’ve already read through tons of articles that teach you how to get more exposure […]

Property Sales Hack In 2022 To Increase Conversion

Proficient in selling property doesn’t come innately. If you’re not getting enough sales. Don’t be discouraged. Like most things, sales skills can be learned. In fact, taking actionable, targeted steps towards improving your sales strategy is the best way to smash those quotas.  By achieving sales goals, I’ll be delving into those strategies that make […]

Home Staging Tips: Home Office

Back in March of 2020, the Covid pandemic hit Singapore just as hard as any other country. Due to the resulting lockdowns, most employers shifted to a work-from-home arrangement for their employees. Even now, amidst efforts to dial down Covid’s status into an endemic, 34% of Singapore employees continue to work from home. The growing […]

Should You Furnish Your Rental Property?

When homeowners decide to rent out their unit, one of the first questions they ask is, “Should I furnish my rental property?” As a homeowner, you want to know how to get the most out of your rental property in order to enhance your monthly rental earnings.  Many landlords opt to leave their property vacant […]

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of a Year

It’s CHRISTMAS!!! The lights are up, Christmas tunes are playing on the radio, it is the time of the year again. Here are a few simple guides to add some festive look to your home. Scented Candles Photo by Nubia Navarro (nubikini) from Pexels Cinnamon, pine and berries, these are a few scents that are commonly associated with […]

Staging Tips: Common Rooms

It’s time to let your creativity shine, we have finally arrived at the common rooms, the most versatile room in a unit. Don’t know where to start? No worries, here are some home staging tips on how to stage your common rooms. Variety As mentioned above, common rooms are versatile, so do not limit yourself […]