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Office Staging

Staging A Two-Storey Condo Unit in Thomson Road

Condominiums have always been a popular housing option for Singaporeans. Along with the country’s growth, the popularity of condominiums has increased exponentially. More and more young professionals both local and abroad prefer this type of housing compared to others. Condominiums for some, offer the ideal lifestyle that they dream of.  People who are working in […]

8 Mistakes That Real Estate Agents Make When Staging Homes

Home staging can unarguably boost a property’s value and reduce the amount of time it spends on the market. The significance of home staging in promoting listings to potential buyers is really becoming more widely recognized and utilized by real estate agents. When a property is staged and decorated correctly, it may result in a […]

Home Staging Tips: Home Office

Back in March of 2020, the Covid pandemic hit Singapore just as hard as any other country. Due to the resulting lockdowns, most employers shifted to a work-from-home arrangement for their employees. Even now, amidst efforts to dial down Covid’s status into an endemic, 34% of Singapore employees continue to work from home. The growing […]

Office Staging 🏢

An office is no longer just a room with cubicles and rigidly-arranged rows of desks. Companies are looking for a workspace that is innovative and stylish, which encourage both open communication and creativity. So as a landlord or agent, how do you spruce up your office space to attract tenant? Well no worries, SFR now […]