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Marketing Nov 21, 2022

Video Marketing for Real Estate Agents: Everything You Need to Know

Singaporeans watch broadcast videos on average for about 5.7 hours each week, according to a recent study. In contrast, they watched online videos for 8.7 hours a week. Singaporeans use YouTube the most, with 4.4 million users, followed by WhatsApp with 4.32 million. 88.7% of Singaporeans watch two hours of YouTube per day for […]

Furniture Retailers Should Outsource Their Warehousing and Distribution

E-commerce became very popular when COVID-19 struck and last-mile delivery services were found very helpful. Because people didn’t have a choice but to stay at home, many resorted to online shopping to acquire their needs. From food, clothes, and medicine, to home essentials like kitchenware, home decors, and furniture – can all be purchased online. […]

Increase Property Sales with Real Estate Video Marketing!

Real estate video marketing has evolved over the years. This is due to the creation of various platforms and advertising channels. The way of reaching out and attracting the market has become more strategic and effective. From reaching a wide range of audiences to narrowing the niche down, video marketing has been a strategic marketing […]

More exposure strategies for property listings (New ways!)

Are you seeking more exposure? You’re coming to the right place. There are over 30 thousand property agents in the market. What are you going to do to stand out from the crowd? I believe before you found this article, you’ve already read through tons of articles that teach you how to get more exposure […]

The 4-Step Writing Formula for Creating an Effective Real Estate Ads Copy

Do you ever wonder why some real estate agents are able to close premium deals effortlessly? It is probably because they are experts in writing Real Estate ads copy and are seasoned marketers. But even those who are veterans when it comes to selling know that it’s not about experience or how long you’ve been […]