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Staging Tips – Living Area

The living room is the cosiest and most stylish room in your home, where family and friends gather when visiting. It is also the first thing viewer will see when entering a unit. So here are some tips on how you can stage up your very own living area.   Using The Right Furniture Big […]

Staging Tips – Dining Area

One of the most significant areas within a home will have to be the dining area, where family and friends gather to have a meal. Home viewers tend to pay more attention to it, that’s why staging of the dining area is crucial to the sales of a unit. So here are some tips on […]

How To Style a Shelf

Shelf styling is gaining popularity over the past few years as a way to style up your home. However, some of you might be staring at your shelf in a blank, not knowing where to start. Here are some tips of how you can start styling your empty shelf.   Function Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels As […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Staging

Since 2013 home staging has been gaining popularity in Singapore’s property market. However, if you’re new to the concept of home staging, you probably have a few burning questions. So here are some frequently asked questions we received about home staging. What is home staging? Home staging is to create the perfect first impression by […]

Places To Put Up A Frame At Home

Not sure where to hang up photo frames? ANYWHERE! There are no fix rules as to where a photo frame should be placed. However, depending on the function of the room will determine what kind of photos to display. Here are a few of our favourite places to add frames in your home and some […]

Uncategorized Jul 27, 2020

3 Economical & Simple Ways to Elevate Your Home

Be it that you are trying to spruce up your home or looking to improve your listing units. Here are some simple and budget-friendly tips that you can apply to elevate the home instantly. Adding Cushion and Throw By using eye-catching cushion and throw, it brings out both the personality and comfort of the home. […]


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