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SFR Home Staging Portfolio #1

Staging is an essential part of selling your house. SFR Home Staging has helped hundreds of agents and home owners present the best home to their potential buyers by transforming their unit into beautiful show flats. Whether it’s a vacant unit or semi-vacant unit, their true value will surface once enhanced by SFR Home Staging! […]

Home Staging Mistakes That Turn Off Buyers

From vague house decor to poor quality photography, here are some of the most common Home Staging mistakes that people make when putting their house up for sale. Personalized Decor Depersonalising is an important part of Home Staging where personal decors are removed from the unit. The aim is to make the unit look like […]

Benefits of Home Staging

Home owners and property agents have one main goal in common: to get their property off the market as quickly as possible. Both home owners and property agents can achieve a number of benefits by staging their unit before putting it up for sale. Home Staging helps to increase the chance of a quicker sale […]

Top 3 Rooms To Stage

Home Staging the entire house is always recommended in order to showcase the best home to your potential buyers. When a house is put up for sale, there are three main rooms that require staging. 1. Living Room The living room is the first room that your potential buyers will see. Potential buyers will want […]

3 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

An ideal bedroom is a cosy and spacious one, and even if the bedroom itself is not massive, there are ways to visually increase the space. Below are simple tips to make a bedroom look bigger, no renovation required! Use Space-Saving Furniture Space-saving furniture is especially important for smaller bedrooms. Avoid using large furniture, such […]

3 Home Decor Trends Worth Trying in 2019

It’s a new year and its time to make a difference! Trying something new? Here are some interior design trends in 2019 that can be used in Home Staging. Back to Nature Bring the nature elements indoor and create an earthy atmosphere with warm tones, combined with plants, plants and more plants. Plants never go […]


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