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February 11, 2019

Benefits of Home Staging

Home owners and property agents have one main goal in common: to get their property off the market as quickly as possible.

Both home owners and property agents can achieve a number of benefits by staging their unit before putting it up for sale.

Home Staging helps to increase the chance of a quicker sale

According to Home Staging report by National Association of Realtors (NAR), 39% of property agents stated that Home Staging significantly decreases the amount of time a property is on the market. Done right, Home Staging can make a property look as good as new. Therefore, staged properties is more likely to stand out on the market.

Home Staging helps buyers to visualise themselves living in the unit

Buyers are more likely to instantly form an opinion about a house when it is staged. Home Staging makes it easier for buyers to determine the amount of spaces in a house. Hence, buyers will be able to immediately picture themselves living in the house. If buyers can picture themselves living in the unit, they are more likely to make a purchase.

Home Staging brings out the true potential of your property

Home sellers can beautify their house through Home Staging and make it look as appealing as possible. By presenting the best house, home buyers will be able to see the maximised potential of the house. Additionally, staging can boost the perceived value of your property. As a result, home buyers might offer an amount higher than the asking price.

Need help staging your property? SFR Home Staging has helped hundreds of agents and home owners to sell their property within weeks after staging. Some even manage to get their property sold at a higher asking price!