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8 Things Successful Real Estate Agents Never Do
May 25, 2022

8 Things Successful Real Estate Agents Never Do

There’s a saying that says: “If success was easy, everyone would be successful.” Success is meant for people who are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it. The process toward success is not a walk in the park. Some people often get blinded by the prize or promise of success without having the perseverance and great to go through the challenging and most grueling part of the journey. 

If you want to be a successful real estate agent, learn from the pros who have been there and who have done that. Know that the journey will not be easy and above all, stay consistent until you get to the top. Here are 8 things successful real estate agents do that made them achieve great heights in their careers. 

1. Successful real estate agents don’t expect results right away

Successful real estate agents don't expect rSuccessful real estate agents don't expect results right awayesults right away

One of the common mistakes that stop people from getting ahead is they expect to see results overnight. That isn’t the case. Successful people know that success does not happen overnight, instead, they wait, they were patient, experiment, made mistakes, and learn from them, they are consistent, and most importantly, they show up every single day. 

When you are first starting, it’s normal to feel excited and thrilled to post a listing after listing but even with failed transactions, or even at times when you get little to no leads, stay in the course and assess what you can do to improve. 

2. Not keeping up with the trends

Not keeping up with the trends

It’s critical to keep up with current events in order to establish credibility and relevance, as well as to demonstrate that you understand where your industry is moving in the future. Make time in your day for these methods, just as successful individuals spend time every day keeping up with the newest news and advancements in their industry.

Talk to people in your industry. Interact with other property agents. Join workshops and seminars, read or listen to the news, study statistics, and network with relevant professionals in the field. 

3. Do all tasks alone

Do all tasks alone

If you are just starting out, it’s normal to be hands-on with everything – from marketing, social media, going on meetings, to handling finances. But doing this, in the long run, is not an effective and sustainable way to do business. As a real estate agent, your day-to-day schedule is packed. The more things you do, the greater the possibility of burnout. Learn to delegate the task and start building your own team. You don’t have to do all the tasks alone. In fact, when you take a couple of tasks off your plate and hire a team to help you, you can focus more on doing important things like attending appointments, client meetings, and going on business coaching sessions. 

4. Skimp on social media

Skimp on social media

Social media is pivotal in the real estate industry

Almost all businesses are on social media. Having active social media is a great way to make a good impression on prospective clients and become an authority in the field. You can also widen your reach by consistently posting and updating your followers about certain activities, promotions, recent property listings, real estate trends, and others. 

5. Successful real estate agents don’t take marketing lightly

Successful real estate agents don't take marketing lightly

Another mistake real estate agents often don’t realize they’re doing is not taking marketing seriously. Great marketers know that marketing is more than just selling. It enables you to communicate with prospective clients and enlighten them about what you do as a real estate agent. It increases revenue, helps you build a stable client base, and allows you to establish your presence in the industry.

6. Stick to the scarcity mindset

Stick to the scarcity mindset

Scarcity mentality refers to the perception that there will never be enough, which leads to sentiments of worry, tension, and anxiety. People who are starting their business and have no experience yet, often have this mindset. They try to compete with others thinking that they will run out of clients. But this is a very wrong mindset because it can bring nothing but anxiety. What you have to do instead is adapt the abundant mindset. An abundant mindset entails seeing life’s boundless possibilities. It implies you recognize the potential in yourself and see that there are countless opportunities waiting ahead.  As a consequence, you deliberately urge yourself to create the life you desire.

7. Ignore cold leads

Ignore cold leads

People who exhibit little interest in your business are known as cold leads. But these leads can be warm as long as you know the right strategies that will catch their interest and make them interact. Try to reengage leads who are cold yet warm enough to invest resources in. Give them something like a free e-book, or one-on-one consultation, a free workshop, or a sneak peek —anything that you think will provide them with actual value that can warm them up.

8. Successful real estate agents don’t stay in their comfort zone

Successful real estate agents don't stay in their comfort zone

Getting out of your comfort zone entails performing activities you don’t normally do or are uncomfortable doing. Public speaking, social media publishing, appearing in front of the camera, and other activities are examples of these. Doing these new things might be difficult, but they will benefit you in the long term. Remember that no business has ever achieved success by staying in its comfort zone. Great salespeople always put themselves out there, experiment, make errors, and learn new things, as they should.


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