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7 Effective Ways to Convince Property Sellers to Stage
June 13, 2022

7 Effective Ways to Convince Property Sellers to Stage

Many real estate agents do home staging because of one main reason: Home staging works.  However, some individuals may be skeptical of its results because of the expense. Some folks wonder if it’s even worth it. Real estate agents frequently encounter consumers who dismiss home staging as an unnecessary expense. 

But it has been demonstrated that home staging costs far less than the initial price decrease of a listing. Some sellers may wonder,  “Why do I need to stage my home?” ‘ or ‘Will staging make a difference?’ These questions are common and as a property agent, it is critical to make the seller understand the importance of staging and why doing it is beneficial.  There are several methods to persuade clients to do home staging. Below are a few strategies we suggest you should try. 

1. Introduce to them the idea of home staging to convince property sellers to stage

Introduce to them the idea of home staging to convince property sellers to stage

The idea of home staging is foreign to most home sellers. Those who knew sometimes may wonder if it is really necessary to stage. What you can do as their property agent is to tell them what exactly is home staging and explain why it can be beneficial to do it. You don’t need to convince them at this stage but your goal is to simply lay out the option of home staging in cases where the property they have on the listing is hard to sell or isn’t getting inquiries or leads. 

2. Tell them why many real estate agents stage properties

Tell them why many real estate agents stage properties

Top-performing real estate agents stage their properties because they knew the value of home staging and they have proven it effective in getting quality leads and closing premium deals. Big names in the real estate industry like PropertyLim Brothers, ERA, JNA, and PropNex are staging properties before listing them. There is a good reason why they spend money on home staging otherwise, they wouldn’t. Staging properties is one of their marketing strategies that allows them to crush their sales target consistently. 

3. Show results and seller testimonials to Convince property sellers to stage

Show results and seller testimonials to Convince property sellers to stage

Testimonials are great social proof that truly shows if something is effective whether it be a product or service. Show results to your client and tell them how home staging has helped property agents close premium deals. Over the past years of staging thousands of properties for over 900+ real estate agents, we have gathered testimonials that show successful results from doing home staging. Check out what real estate agents have to say about our home staging service here. 

4. Back it up with statistics

Explore the neighborhood and determine how long properties in the area have been on the market. This can be used to persuade clients who don’t want their property up on the market for too long. Discussing these statistics can assist your client in determining how long their home will be on the market and the likelihood of a price drop.

Tell them that the first impression is critical in selling a house fast and at top dollar. They’ll certainly waste time and money if they don’t stage before listing their house! Moreover, according to a RESA survey, staged houses spend 86 percent less time on the market than non-staged homes. This implies that staging may help home sellers save money on their mortgage payments, ongoing maintenance costs, and insurance.

5. To convince property sellers to stage present before and after staging photos

Before and After Photos

It’s important to show your clients before and after images of properties that have been on the market before staging and how staging helped the sale. Show testimonials and procedures so your client understands how home staging works and how it may help them sell their house. It’s also important to remember that staging is required for both unoccupied and inhabited houses. A trusted home staging company like SFR will provide homeowners with the finest advice and tactics for keeping their property in good shape while it is on the market.

6. Show the difference between selling a staged vs a non-staged property

Ask your client, “If you are a home buyer, which house would you want to see or be interested in viewing? A staged property or an empty one?” Put them in the perspective of the home buyer and tell them how staging can help make a good impression especially online, considering that most home buyers would start searching for a property to buy online. 

7. Discuss the cost of staging and the potential return they will get if they decide to do it

Cost of Home Staging

Perhaps the most common reason why a home seller would shun the idea of home staging is because of the cost. But according to statistics, well-staged homes make more money. When comparing identical but non-staged homes, 22% of the seller’s agents observed a 1-5% rise in the monetary value provided by homebuyers to staged properties. Furthermore, 17% of respondents stated that staging a house increased the dollar value of the property by 6-10%.

The median price of landed property in Singapore is S$3, 850, 000. If the home sells for 6% more than the asking price, the seller will get an additional S$231,000 in cash, and the property agent will make more money in commissions. The 6% increase will more than cover the cost of staging the home. It’s a win-win situation for both parties!

Staging is an effective and vital selling approach that may help you sell your home faster and for more money.  Keep in mind that staging will significantly improve the appearance of your house in online listings, boosting the possibility that a potential buyer would wish to see it. Planning to stage your house? Contact us here. 

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