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February 6, 2017

5 Top Modern Office Furniture Layout Trends in 2017

Bored of your office? You’re not alone. In recent years, many local companies have jumped onto the bandwagon to modernise the look and feel of their office. Popularized by Silicon Valley tech startups, the modern office environment has been proven to increase employee engagement and raise productivity levels.

Ready to assemble your modern office? Check out our picks for the five most popular modern office furniture and layout trends of 2017.

1. Open Floorplans

Say goodbye to traditional office cubicles, and say hello to the open floor layout and co-working spaces. SFR rents out a wide selection of furniture for you to set up your co-working area. Check out our catalogue HERE.

Open Floorplans

2. Standing Desk

Suffering from backaches after long hours of sitting? Improve your health and productivity by standing up. Rent your standing desk from us HERE.

Standing Office Table

 3. Open Lounge & Pantry

Happy employees make more productive workers. Make your office an enjoyable place with comfortable common areas for leisure activities and socializing.

Open Lounge & Pantry

4. Comfortable Work Stations for Laptop Work

More companies are filling up their office with couches and beanbags to work in a relaxing environment, at comfortable positions. Choose what fits your company best from our sofa and couch collection HERE.

SFR Sofa Collection

5. Elimination of Assigned Seating

Give your employees the freedom and flexibility to work together from anywhere in your office with movable office tables and chairs. Check them out at our catalogue HERE.

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