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December 19, 2016

5 Tips to Stage Your Home during this Holiday Season

Many people have a misconception that holiday season is not an ideal time to list their property on the market. Most sellers delay their listing to spend some peace and quiet time with family and avoid having to coordinate the timing of open houses with visiting.

However, this period might be one of the most favorable time for sellers. Besides having less competition in the market, people in search of a house during the holiday season are very serious buyers. For your property to stand out from others during this holiday season, we would like to share with you a few tips on home staging during this holiday season.

1) Ensure that the Christmas tree is an appropriate size for the room. For a small room, consider getting a smaller tree. You can often get away with a taller tree if it is not too wide.


2) Avoid over decorating. A few ornaments will look good to bring up the holiday spirit. Too much of it will create clutter.


3) Offer tasty treats. Serving food and drinks would be a good way to get perspective buyers to stay longer during viewing. Treats such as cookies and hot chocolate would bring in the holiday mood!


4) Holiday classical music. Besides providing a viewing pleasure, soft music playing when perspective buyers enter your home is inviting and welcomed.


5) Lighting up. Adding light indoor and outdoor is a natural and easy way to create a cozy feeling to your house. Just a few simple white fairy lights or white unscented candles will be perfect!

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