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March 6, 2017

5 Tips To Produce The PERFECT Photo For Property Listing

Do the photos on your property listing do justice to your home’s actual setting? In our digitally connected world, most property searches begin from online platforms. Great photos are extremely important in creating a good first impression with potential buyers to receive more inquiries in the long run.

Here are 5 Valuable Tips to produce the perfect photo for any property listing:

1) Prepare the Room

You want your room to look its best as if potential customers were physically coming to visit. Remember to tidy up any clutter in the room before snapping away. Additionally, open up all blinds and curtains to allow for natural light to enter the room. That improves the lighting in your photo and makes your room appear slightly bigger.

Perfect Photo For Property Listing

2) Find the right angle

It is advisable to shoot from a lower angle (around 1m from the ground) while making sure that the floor is visible in the photo. Avoid taking a photo from an angle which directly faces a wall, as that will make the room look flat and smaller than it is. Instead, take the photo so that a corner of a room is visible, which makes space appear larger and more multi-dimensional.

Perfect Photo For Property Listing

3) Turn off the flash

Flash creates lighting that is too harsh and is unadvisable for property listing photos. Soft, natural light in the early morning or late afternoon is most desirable for producing the photos with the sharpest quality and most beautiful lighting.

Perfect Photo For Property Listing

4) Invest in a quality camera and additional camera equipment

To avoid shaky or blur shots, consider using a tripod for your photoshoots. Should you have multiple property listings and need to consistently take photoshoots, you could consider investing in a wide-angle lens. These lenses will enable you to zoom out far enough to make the room look more spacious, raising your photos a notch above the rest.

Perfect Photo For Property Listing

5) Post-production editing

Despite your greatest efforts, it is rare for a property photoshoot to come out perfectly satisfactory. Therefore, it is just as important to edit your photos using photo manipulation software such as Adobe Photoshop. This software can be used to adjust any imperfections in your photos, such as brightness, contrast, shadows or highlights. However, it is always advisable to consult a photo editing professional, as it is easy for amateurs to over-edit photographs.

Perfect Photo For Property Listing


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