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November 20, 2017

5 Tips to Enhance Your Property Value for a Viewing

What is the first thing you see when you step into your house? Is it the rundown look of your sofas or the peeling paint coming off your walls? SFR has prepared some helpful tips to show you how to give a good first impression to your home buyers during the viewing.


1. De-clutter your space

Home Staging Singapore Furniture Rental
De-clutter and clear away unwanted items to give a cleaner look to your house

Move bulky furniture out of the way and make sure that there is a clear pathway around the house. Sort out the items you have lying around and throw away those that you really don’t need. The key is to keep the overall look of your house as simple as possible so that home buyers can visualise themselves living in the house.

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2. Renovate

Before you skip to the next point thinking that it’s too expensive or you don’t want to ‘waste’ money on this point, hear me out.

Home staging Singapore Furniture Rental

You don’t have to renovate the entire house to get buyers to have a good impression of your house. Giving your house little touch-ups such as a fresh coat of paint for the peeling wall in the kitchen or fixing that leaking ceiling. This can add bonus points to your house’s overall value – without you spending a bomb.

3. Clean your house


Before your home buyer comes over, be sure to give your house a good cleaning. Give your house a good sweep and scrub off any leftover marks from lunch on any dining furniture. The last thing you want a home buyer to see during the viewing is a coffee stain on your dining table.

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4. Create a good atmosphere


Avoid meeting your buyer after cooking heavy-smelling food such as curry or chilli. Instead, prepare freshly brewed coffee or keep some freshly-baked bread in your oven. Scented candles can be a sensitive item to use so choose lightly-scented candles such as flowers to stay in your buyer’s good graces.


5. Keep your pets away

keep your pets away from your viewing

You may love your pet dog or cat to the ends of the world, but not everyone may enjoy the company of these domestic pets. Before a viewing, let your pets stay with a relative or your neighbour and fetch them back afterwards.

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