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5 Things to Consider When Buying Furniture Online
July 25, 2022

5 Things to Consider When Buying Furniture Online

Online shopping in Singapore is most popular among people aged 25 to 44. According to a Visa research, 26% of Singaporeans buy online at least once a week, the greatest proportion in Southeast Asia as a whole. This figure alone shows that Singaporeans love to do online shopping. Everything you can buy in a physical store is also available online. In fact, many traditional retail brands whether it’s clothing, appliances, or furniture already have e-commerce stores to keep up with the trend.

Although buying furniture online might be handy for you, there are some drawbacks as well. Furniture costs a lot of money. It is regarded as an investment, therefore if you want to purchase new ones, it is only necessary that you do so from a reliable furniture retailer to guarantee the quality of the product. Here are five factors to think about while buying furniture online.

Make sure you are purchasing from a reliable seller

Shopping furniture online is convenient

In today’s digital age, internet frauds are frequent. Untrustworthy businesspeople are always looking for opportunities to rob unwary clients of their hard-earned money. Always make sure you’re working with reliable and legitimate online shopping sites to prevent being a top target for fraudsters.

Before you make a purchase, check the seller’s online store. Do they have a website? If they are on a marketplace platform, do a background check of the seller. What furniture products do they sell? Check customer reviews and make a google search to find out if they have a physical store that you can visit if you ever make a complaint.

 Check the furniture available on the store

furniture online shopping

The diversity of alternatives buyers have is one of the most significant benefits of purchasing furniture online. Unlike physical shopping where you need to hop from store to store to find the best furnishings, online shopping allows you to do it in just a few swipes or clicks. 

Make sure you choose a store that has a decent assortment of furniture to suit your requirements and interests, whether you want traditional chairs or modern items. Avoid hassle by shopping from one furniture store only. This will save you money on any additional costs such as shipping and assembly. Additionally, it will guarantee that all of your purchases arrive on schedule and together, lowering the possibility that any products would be lost.

A store with a large assortment of furniture also has the benefit of offering you great bargains and reduced prices, especially if you purchase in large quantities. In addition, as a part of the after-sales assistance, the company could provide free shipment.

Check the store’s return policy when shopping furniture online

furniture online shopping

The fact that you cannot try the things on before buying them is the one minor drawback of ordering furniture online. You cannot touch the furniture or assess properly whether it will fit in your space by just looking at the product image on the screen. To ensure that you’ll end up purchasing a quality furniture product, check the store’s return policy before you purchase. 

An official statement outlining the conditions for returning items purchased online is known as a return policy. It emphasizes the return timeframe and if you’ll get a replacement piece of furniture or a refund. There’s a chance that you’ll have to shell out cash for return shipping.

Consider the pricing when shopping furniture online

furniture online shopping

Whether you are purchasing furniture from an online store or a physical store, price is one of the most important elements to take into account. In any event, expensive products like furniture require an investment, therefore you should look for furniture that will be worth your money.

The price of furniture varies by store. Always inquire about the price before you make a purchase or check the price of other stores and make a comparison. Additionally, take note of any additional cost that may come along when buying online such as shipping and assembly. 

Inquire about shipping and assembly cost

Most online furniture stores offer last-mile delivery service and assembly. Last mile-delivery refers to the process of delivering goods from the warehouse of the seller to the doorstep of the buyer. 

Inquire how much the shipping cost will be. How long it will take for the package to arrive? Does the store’s courier service offers a furniture assembly service. You have the option to assemble the furniture yourself . But there are heavy and bulky furniture that requires the assistance of an expert to set up. Having the help of a professional who can assemble it will be of great help. 

Whether you are planning to buy a new set of furniture for your new home, or considering replacing your old ones, there’s always something you can find online. Singapore Furniture Rental now has a Shopee store where you can purchase some of the most popular home furniture items. Browse our catalog of furniture products and find the next furniture piece to add to your home! Check our Shopee store here.

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