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April 4, 2017

5 Simple Ideas for Coffee Table Styling

Do you have the perfect property and furniture, but struggle with decorating your plain looking table top? Fret not, we are here to provide you with some ideas to create simple yet stylish arrangements for your coffee table top.

1. Use a Tray for a Base

If you have many items on your tables such as your TV remotes, scents, flowers, a tray will help create a neater arrangement. Apart from that, the tray will add structure and provide a more symmetrical look for the table.

Coffee Table - Tray

2. Selecting the Right Books 

Select books with bright covers & bold letterings. Varying the height of the stacks of books or layering books over each other creates an effortless style. Displaying a candle or scattering a few gemstones on top of the books provides a nice finishing touch. The scent and color of the candle can be varied according to different festive seasons.

Coffee Table - Books

3. Running a Table Runner over your Coffee Table

Using a table runner is the easiest way to style a coffee table. Choosing one with a colour that contrasts against the color or pattern against your furniture allow the table runner to stand out more. Apart from its aesthetic value, it also has a functional value of preventing candle wax from spilling onto the coffee table.

Coffee Table - Table Runner

4. Incorporate Nature

Freshen up the room by displaying a small pot of flowers on the coffee table. Choosing flowers and a vase of a complementary colour family helps add elegance and a splash of colour to your overall décor. Alternatively, succulent and terrariums make a good choice for those looking for something with low maintenance.


5. Choose a Unique Looking Table 

Apart from table top arrangements, having a unique looking table creates variety and gives your home a more distinct look. Some of these include wood stumps, wooden crates, and decorative ottomans. Otherwise, a set of two small tables with different heights can also double up as a side table when a bigger crowd comes to visit.

Unique Looking Table

Regardless which design you have choosen, it important to ensure that it fits in with the entire home’s design concept. We hope that these tips have provided you with the inspiration you need for styling your coffee table! If you are interested to find out more regarding home staging, feel free to drop us an inquiry or call us at +65 6759 1021.