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September 20, 2019

5 Simple Centrepieces Ideas For Your Table

Centrepieces are useful in helping to pull the focus of home viewers. It could help to set the tone for the entire room and it is the perfect accessory to bring a pop of colour into the area. Here are 5 centrepiece ideas that would help bring that to life.

1) Fruits


Displaying fruits in the centre of the table will anchor the whole house together and make it seem warm, bright and welcoming. Include colourful fruits such as red/green apples, bananas and oranges into the mix to give it splash of vibrancy, a notably striking detail in your home. You could either serve the fruits up on a platter for a more classy look or in a rattan basket to give off rustic vibes.

2) Mason Jars


Using mason jars is a trendy and versatile way to decorate your home as they are both practical and easy to style with. Place sprigs of fresh lavender, white roses or even different types of tiny indoor plants into the mason jar and turn it into a simple yet alluring centrepiece that will compliment the rest of the household.

3) Candles


Switching the usual flowers for candles is a good way to spruce things up in your home decor when it comes to centrepieces. Candles come in all different kind of sizes and never goes out of style. Whether you’re creating a minimalistic feel or a grand and elegant look, candles will definitely liven up the area. If you do not have scented candles, try wrapping herbs around the candles to keep the house smelling earthy and cozy all day long.

4) Books


Books are not only useful in imparting knowledge and wisdom. They could also very cleverly be used as centrepieces. Stack your favourite books or magazines in the centre to accentuate levels and volume around the room. You could also place another object like a flower pot or a bowl on top of a book to vary the height of the object on display.

5) Crystals


The use of crystals as home decor has taken the interior design world by storm. Whether it is for its healing properties or purely for aesthetic purposes, it is becoming an essential need to have these beautiful stones in your home. Place a sculpted crystal in the centre of your coffee table to give off a mystical and compelling look. Plus, it might even exude good energy into the surrounding area for your benefit!

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