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5 Secret Décor Tips To Brighten Up A Room Without Adding Lightings
May 8, 2017

5 Secret Décor Tips To Brighten Up A Room Without Adding Lightings

Not every home is situated in a location with great natural lighting. If your home is dark and gloomy, fret not! We are here to share with you 5 Secret Décor Tips to brighten up a room without having to add any lightings!

1. Replace Heavy Curtains

Thick and dark curtains absorb lights. Opting for translucent shades allow sunlights to spread throughout the room. If you do not want to replace blackout curtains, choose those in a light color and pull them completely to the sides when they’re open, then layer sheers beneath them for privacy that doesn’t block light.
Curtain décor

2.  Use Light-Colored Furniture

Furniture place an important role in brightening up the room. While large, dark pieces make the room feels duller, light color furniture brighten up the room. Select darker colors for smaller accessories and choose light colors for larger items to maximize light reflection. Some examples of larger furniture include sofa in the living room, dining table in the dining room, and bedding in the bedroom.

Furniture décor

3. Bring in Greenery

Adding natural elements in the room will compensate for the lack of natural lighting. To boost the effect, vibrant colored pots in red, yellow or cobalt can be used to display your flowers or greenery. In low lighting environment, selecting greenery such as ferns, snake or spider plants would be a safe choice.

Greenery décor

4. Add a Few Reflective Surface Décor

Adding a few reflective surface not only make the rooms look bigger, they are also a powerful tool to reflect light. By placing them opposite the light source, such as an artificial light or a window, it will bounce it back into the room. Depending on the style you prefer, reflective surfaces can vary from mirrored coasters to wall mirrors.

Reflective décor

5. Select Open Shelves

Large and heavy cabinets are usually dark and bulky. On the other hand, open shelves are a fantastic solution to add storage and depth in the room without blocking the walls or windows which will illuminate the room.

Open Shelves décor

We hope that these tips will assist you in brightening up your home! If you are interested in renting any furniture or finding out more tips regarding home staging, feel free to drop us an inquiry or call us at +65 6759 1021.