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December 6, 2019

5 Scents To Fill A House With This Christmas

Tis’ the season to be jolly and spread some holiday cheers around by making your home smell like Christmas! Here are some ways you could infuse some Christmas-y scents into your house.

  1. Cinnamon


    A lot of treats and drinks will be made with cinnamon during the holiday season and what could be better than to have that delicious scent wafting through your home? Make a hearty mug of hot chocolate and sprinkle some cinnamon in it or add them into whatever dessert you’re making for Christmas.

  2. Vanilla


    Another yummy scent to have around the house whether you’re binge-watching Christmas movies or wrapping presents. Bake cookies or a cake with vanilla essence to have the whole house smelling like a dessert plate!

  3. Pine


    The houses in Singapore might be a tad bit too small to house an actual Christmas tree but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the smell of its pine-y goodness! Try hanging up pine-scented sachets around the house to give off a blissful and nature-like scent.

  4. Peppermint/Eucalyptus


    Essential oil is a great option to use to infuse into your soaps or air purifier. Find peppermint or eucalyptus scented essential oils and fill your home with a relaxing and refreshing scent!

  5. Citrus and Berries


    Simmer a pot filled with oranges, cranberries and cloves and allow the aroma to spread around your home to give your holiday season a tropical twist!

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