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July 2, 2018

Spice Up Your Home With These 5 Minimalist Design Ideas

Clean, fresh and white – three basic elements that act as a foundation for a minimal interior design. It might not seem much, but that’s how it’s supposed to be: minimal, and in this case, less is more! It’s all about eliminating unnecessary elements in order to create a functional, aesthetically pleasing living space.

  • Colour Palette

Essentially, minimalist theme incorporates monochromatic colours (which also helps in reducing the ‘cluttered’ look as well!)


However, if you feel that is too plain or boring, white also goes well with muted colour. This colour pairing helps to maintain a more subtle and calmer colour palette in your home.


  • White wall

White walls can seem plain and whilst some preferred to keep it (as it keeps a room bright and looking more spacious and clean), some might want to decorate it. Adding a simple accessory or houseplant would be the much needed finishing touch.


  • Prints & patterns

Striking prints will make the room ‘pop out’ more, creating a nice yet subtle contrast. A unique piece of furniture or accessory would also do well in becoming the focal point of a room.



  • A Pop of Colour

Adding pops of bright colours is one approach to keeping simple vibrant colour within a minimalist interior.


  • Simple Storage

Just because there are less things, it does not mean that spaces for storage are completely removed. In fact, they still exist, however, it is recommended that they are kept out of sight to maintain a clean and minimal interior.


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