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October 21, 2019

5 Indoor Plants To Liven Up Your Home

Indoor plants are good to have around the house as they have many benefits. They also adorn the house nicely and give it a homey and welcoming feel at all times. Here are 5 indoor plants you should have in your home:

1) ZZ Plant


Zamioculcas zamiifolia AKA ZZ plants are great house plants as they do not need a lot of care, water and can survive in low-light conditions. It also helps to purify the air and removes toxins such as xylene, toluene and benzene from the air so you definitely want to have this plant around your home.

2) Cactus


Cactus is also a very sustainable indoor house plant that requires little care. You can go 3-6 weeks without watering them and they would still thrive perfectly fine on their on. Moreover, it is believed that Cactus plant also brings good Feng Shui by redirecting negative energy, balancing the house energy flow and attracts wealth in the home.

3) Orchids


Orchid plants produces a calming influence over the house and it is a great indoor plant as they grow in low to medium light. In addition, it is a beautiful plant to have at home which matches with any aesthetic your home is designed to look like.

4) Snake Plant


Snake plants are the toughest plants around whether they are placed outside in the sweltering heat or inside with medium light. They will do well in bathrooms where the humidity tends to be much higher.

5) Aloe Plant


If you’re familiar with the aloe plant, you will know that it has many beneficial properties. It is used as for healing, moisturising and even safe for consumption. Aloe plants do not require a lot of watering so you will not have to spend a lot of time tending to it.

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