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September 17, 2018

5 Easy Ways to Style Your Bedside Table

When doing Home Staging, it is essential to include functional furniture pieces. A bedside table is one of the functional pieces that completes a bedroom’s appearance. Below are some easy tips to stage bedside table to make it look functional yet stylish.

1. Add Lighting


A small table lamp is a basic functional item for bedside tables. Consider which size and design which will best suit the bedroom aesthetics. It’s best not to use a huge one as it can take up all the space and leaves no room for other items on your bedside table.

2. A pile of books


A few reading materials will make your bedside table look more practical. You can easily style them by stacking them on top of one another.

3. Use Candles



Not only does a candle provides soft lighting, it also doubles up as a classy decor item. Candles can instantly add interest to your bedside table.

4. A Splash of Green


Over the last few years, plants have become a popular interior decor tool. Spice up your indoor aesthetics by having plants inside your home, even your bedroom. Having plants can make a living space more welcoming.

5. Photo Frames

bedside1Bedside table is also used as storage for personal belongings. Hence decor items such as empty photo frames, can be used. It will add a sense of personal touch, which would make it easier for potential buyers to visualise how they can use the bedside table.

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