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May 20, 2016

5 Amazing Ways To Improve The Quality Of Your Property Listing

Article originated from TRUUUE

Amazing property but no calls? The problem might just lie with the quality of your listing. Many times, we get sellers coming to us, complaining that they are not getting any expression of interests. We took a look at their listings and see pictures of (only) windows, old furniture, chipped floor boards and dirty laundry. If this sounds similar to yours, well, we’re here to help! Using our expertise and experiences, we shortlisted 5 amazing ways to improve the quality of your listings!


#1. Property description

Describe your property in a way that encourages buyers to imagine the great stay they will have there. Use positive words that describe the unique selling points, major amenities near your property, suitability for certain groups of guests and a description of the view and location. Wordplay can help you so use it to your advantage.


#2. Photography

You should upload your own high-resolution original photos of your property. Clear, original photos help paint a better picture of your home to the buyer and make it more appealing. Take photos in the day when there is natural light to brighten up your home and make it seem more spacious. Alternatively, take pictures at night and show potential buyers the view of the city lights from your balcony. Email TRUUUE at to request a FREE photography session of your property now!


#3. 3D-Visualisation

Give your potential buyers a virtual tour of your home and let them experience your home first-hand. It will make your listing stand out and buyers will be able to better imagine the space. Want to see a sample? Click Here or the image above!


#4. Home staging

Home staging is great for owners with an empty house. No one wants to see just four walls and a ceiling. Engage a professional to stage your home for a week so that you can for one, take better photos, and two, have potential buyers get a better sense of the space in the house. Singapore Furniture Rental has a very comprehensive range of furniture that you can rent on a short and long term basis. You can check our portfolio out Here!


#5. Location

Remember to pin the location of the property. Buyers can then see the many amenities and facilities that are nearby. Show them the great neighbourhood they’ll be living in – the park that is just across the road and the schools just down the road. Learn more about 3DV and FREE photography services by sending TRUUUE an email to


To find out more about home staging, drop us an enquiry or call us at +65 6759 1021.