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November 30, 2017

4 Cheap and Easy Ways to Renovate under a Budget

We all love a newly-renovated house but we are not all that willing to burn a hole in our pocket; which is why the SFR team has some handy suggestions as to how to renovate your house with these 4 easy tips.

1. Paint


You don’t need to spend a bomb on painting nor do you need to paint your entire house. Instead, go according to your budget and selectively choose areas to paint.

Saving tip: Paint it yourself – it may be a little messy but it can also prove to be a great family bonding activity!

If you are selling your house, we suggest the living room or the area that you see first when you step into the house as first impressions are one of the key factors that close a deal during a viewing.

>>Read more on how to give buyers a good first impression during the viewing.


2. Polishing your metals


Arm yourself with a Brasso can and lock in on those rusty metals in your house. These metals can be found anywhere – from your kitchen faucets to the legs of your bedframe. You may be surprised by how a little Brasso can brighten up the dull look of your year-old kitchen sink.


3. Switch it up


Change out your light switches for dimmer switches instead. Dimmer lights can add a different dimension to your house and gives you the opportunity to adjust your house’s lighting according to your personal liking or the special occasion.

4. Add shelving to your walls


Make your house feel more spacious and less cluttered by installing shelves on your walls. Shelves are highly versatile and helpful so use it to showcase your personality by placing books or personal collectibles; or simply to hold your wine glasses or glassware.

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