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May 30, 2016

4 Benefits of Renting Furniture for your Office

There are numerous businesses that require cash investment and would rather utilize it as working capital rather than spending it on purchasing furniture and office accessories. For such businesses, leasing or renting furniture is the ideal solution and makes a lot of financial sense. It allows you to easily manage your operational expenditure as the business grows without any major cash outlays.


Here are some of the other advantages of hiring office furniture:

#1. Temporary Requirement

If you’re looking to get furniture only for a limited period of time or on a temporary basis, then renting is the way to go. You will find that this method is flexible, highly convenient, and do not demand any major investment other than a minor refundable deposit. Businesses can hire furniture on a monthly basis and select from a range of modern designs.

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#2. Tax Saving

The purchase of office furniture is considered to be a direct business expenditure and interest may not be deductible. On the other hand, rental furniture is a short-term and flexible solution that ends when the project is completed or once a permanent solution is found. Rental furniture expense is tax deductible.


#3. Convenience and Flexibility

As mentioned earlier, you can hire furniture on a monthly basis. Additional furniture can also be arranged upon demand. Once the requirement is over, you can simply return the furniture. This means a business can enjoy complete flexibility with furniture rental.

In a rental furniture scenario, growing businesses also have the opportunity to increase the hired furniture requirements. They can also adjust the monthly installments to make it more convenient to pay up.


#4. Avoid High Initial Expense to Purchase Furniture

As far as rental furniture is concerned, you have the liberty to develop your personal payment plan basis the capital amount. You can select a monthly installment scheme which is suitable for your budget and pay over period of time e.g. 36 to 60 months. Also, hired furniture can be paid for on a convenient monthly basis.

As a business, it is important for you to ensure that your office space looks good and is suitable for entertaining clients and customers. Furniture rental is the perfect strategy for a business that requires furniture but does not want to invest capital by purchasing it. Whether you are a small startup firm of a big corporation looking for furniture for your project office, hired furniture might be the best deal you could get.

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