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February 23, 2018

3 Ways to Keep Your House Cool and Breezy

Everyone loves a house that can welcome a nice and relaxing breeze. Read on for some simple tricks to get that cool breeze into your house instantly!


Make use of your window:
Window is the medium through which air flows into your house.. Always open your windows at night before you sleep. Leave your windows slightly open in the afternoon to prevent heat from entering.



Choosing the right fabric for your furniture:
Use cotton for your sofa and bed rather than using flannel sheets and fleece blankets. Buckwheat pillow is also a great choice as buckwheat hulls have air spaces which ensure that your body heat is not trapped in your pillow.



Use the right light bulbs:
Do you know light bulb gives out heat as well? Research has shown that incandescent lights emit roughly 90% of their emissions as heat. So it’s time to switch to CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps) and LEDs (light emitting diodes)! Though they may cost a little more, CFLs and LEDs emit much lesser forward heat.



Additional pointers:
Reduce the use of oven and stove as they can contribute to a whole lot of heat!