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February 9, 2018

3 Ways to Naturally Brighten Your Room

Is your room looking dull, gloomy and uninspiring?

Brighten up your room with some of these handy tips!


1. Shift your furniture around.

2nd Floor Sitting Area 2

Your bookcase does not need to be beside the window. Maybe you could shift your study table to be beside the window instead. Either way, get creative with your living spaces. Some of your furniture may be directly blocking the window light spilling in. You may be surprised by how much brighter your room can be after you’ve moved some of your furniture around.


2. Clear away dark coloured furniture.

Home Staging specialists are trained to arrange furniture specifically to showcase a property at its best

Remove any dark-coloured furniture that are in the room. Darker colours such as black or dark brown will absorb light more easily and make your room look more gloomy and liveless. Besides furniture or accessories, avoid painting your walls with dark colours as well. Instead of black, go for lighter colours such as white for your furniture and walls. Having white or light-coloured walls can give a more better impression of light and enhance the energy in your rooms.


3. Glass, glass and more glass


Incorporate glass in whatever way you can. Be it glass doors, glass windows, glass tables or even a glass ceiling. Glass’ transparent property makes it a great material to allow light into your rooms while keeping your house classy and elegant. If you are one to go for privacy, try using frosted glass instead which gives you both the light and privacy that you want.


When all else fails – turn to artificial lighting.


Choose cool white lighting over warm white lighting. Warm white lighting can make an area appear more yellowish with a coloured tint overcast. On the contrary, cool white lighting gives off a clearer and brighter white colour and is the closest artificial tool you can use to achieve a more natural, brighter view of your apartment.