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April 19, 2017

3 Most Sought-After Qualities of a Property Agent

In 2015, ERA Realty Network reported that the median gross monthly commission earned by the top 300 property agents hit $11,686, 66 percent more than the median gross monthly income of full-time employees in Singapore, which averaged $3,949.

This alluring pay drew many into this industry. However, it does not seem to be easy to survive and much more, succeed in this industry. Statistics from Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) in January 2017 reflects the number of property agents declining to 28,397, its lowest since 2011. With accelerating technological advancement and changing consumer demands, how can property agents succeed in this industry? Today, we are here to share with you 3 Most Sought-After Qualities of a property agent you can use as a reference in achieving success in this industry.

1.  Being Proactive

Property Agent

A highly-motivated property agent who proactively communicates with clients will make them feel that they are being prioritized and kept in the loop. Apart from that, the property agent will go the extra mile using various methods to promote the property.

Property agents can attempt the following methods to promote the property:

  • Listing property on various online and offline platforms and responding actively to inquiries.
  • Differentiate property listing using high-quality professional images
  • Invest in Home Staging

2. Having a wealth of industry knowledge

Property Agent

Being a property agent, equipping oneself with an abundance of industry knowledge will act as an edge. He or she will know the best time to enter and leave the market at different economic times. In return, this will help clients clinch the best deal at the right time.

Property agents can build their industry knowledge in a few ways:

  • Network with property industry leaders to get first-hand news in current property outlook.
  • Subscribe to property related news using “Google Alerts” to keep up with daily news.
  • Read up industry-related books and online articles to build up an encyclopedia of knowledge.

3. Excellent track records

Property Agent

An agent who has an existing list of prospective buyers or a large circle of a connected and reputable network will speed up the process of closing the deal. Agents who establish good relationships with others frequently get referrals through word-of-mouth and are more likely to receive more testimonials.

Henceforth, property agents can showcase their excellent track records by:

  • Listing down various awards attained and reputable organizations they are involved on their name card
  • Establishing a personalized Facebook page or website dedicated to reflect their successful track records and customers testimonials

We hope that this article has provided you some takeaway towards achieving success as a property agent! If you are interested in renting furniture or finding out more about home staging, feel free to drop us an inquiry or call us at +65 6759 1021.