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August 3, 2018

3 Overlooked Areas in Home Staging

Home Staging is an essential selling point when marketing your property, and it plays an important role in being the key factor in buyers decision making.

While most of the time we tend to focus on highlighting the main areas, such as living room, dining area and bedrooms, there are some areas that became easily overlooked.

Below are some examples of overlooked areas and why you should stage them:


It’s the first thing your customer see when they stepped into the unit, here’s your chance to make a good first impression! Make sure to keep this area clean and clutter free.



The bathroom should be kept clean and pristine before a viewing. To add some interest, create a relaxing atmosphere that customers can picture themselves in. Adding some fluffy white towels will indicate cosiness, as well as cleanliness and freshness.


Outdoor Area

Outdoor areas are as important as indoor areas. Showcase the purpose of your outdoor area, therefore potential customers will be able to have an idea on what they can do in that area. For instance, add a dining table or lounge chairs to show that the outdoor space can be used for recreational purpose.


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