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December 26, 2018

3 Home Decor Trends Worth Trying in 2019

It’s a new year and its time to make a difference! Trying something new? Here are some interior design trends in 2019 that can be used in Home Staging.

Back to Nature


Bring the nature elements indoor and create an earthy atmosphere with warm tones, combined with plants, plants and more plants. Plants never go out of style and are perfect to add freshness to your property.

Gold Accents


Gold is a classy trend, and one of the most popular decor trends at the moment. Gold accents, when used in Home Staging will add a touch of glamour to your property without making it look too flashy.

Marble Finishes


Marble finishes is one way to make your home look even more refined. Commonly used in luxurious interior design, marble is bold and sleek. There are many ways to incorporate marble into Home Staging, such as, tableware, coffee tables and even bedding set.

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