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December 17, 2018

3 Festive Home Staging Ideas

Festive elements can help create a new cosy atmosphere for the holiday season. Read on for holiday staging tips to get your house ready for Christmas viewings!

Create focal points


Highlighting the focal point of a room is also possible with Christmas decoration. The common focal point in the living room is the television, hence, a Christmas tree can be placed nearby as the complimenting focal point. Keep in mind that its important to maintain the clean and de-cluttered feel, hence keep the decorations minimal.

Use festive colour palette


Holiday colour palette such as red and gold will definitely add a holiday cheer to your property. Additionally, for minimalist interior, neutral festive colours such as silver and grey works well too!

Use simple decorations


When it comes to Christmas decorations, most of the time lights, candles and sparkly colours are involved. For Home Staging, it is important to keep the Christmas decorations straightforward and non-personal. For example, mini Christmas decorations can be placed on the TV console or the coffee table. Less is more!

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