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November 7, 2017

3 Easy Ways To Make Your Room Look Bigger

Problem finding ways to enhance your room? We have prepared some simple tips to show you how to transform your room and clear up the spaces you never thought you had.


  1. Mirror, mirror

Home Staging Singapore Furniture Rental

Ever walked straight into a mirror wall because you thought there was more space than there is? That is the power of mirrors – the ability to trick your mind into perceiving there is more to an area than there actually is. Place mirrors strategically around your room and they can be a wonder tool that give a sense of depth to your room.

  1. Placement

    Home Staging Singapore Furniture Rental

Try keeping the back of your furniture away from your wall. Furniture with their backs to your wall can give off the unwanted vibe of a crammed room. Instead, slightly move them away from the walls and tilt them to an angled position. You’ll be surprised at how much space seemed to be freed up.

  1. Keep It Simple

    Home Staging Project by Singapore Furniture Rental
    Home Staging Project by Singapore Furniture Rental

Pick furniture that are of similar colour to your wall. Matching sofa sets can blend in together with your wall, making your room look more spacious and also make your interior look more easy on the eyes.

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