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The Ultimate Guide When House Moving During The Holidays: Decluttering, Organizing, Storage, & Disposal.

The days before the new year are busy days. It’s a time for planning and preparation for the celebration. On top of that, nothing can be more exciting than moving to a new home before the new year. A new year marks a new chapter in our lives. This is the time for resolutions, new […]

Uncategorized Dec 12, 2022

Planning to Move House Before The New Year? Here’s What You Need to Know

The days between Christmas and New year are a great time to spring clean your house, declutter, organize, and prepare for the new year. It is also a great time for people who just bought a new house to plan and prepare for their move. Moving during the holidays can be a stressful and daunting […]

Furnishing Your Unit For Rent? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

When prospective tenants start to look for condos or apartment units to rent, they usually have a list of the things that they want to have in their new home. Amenities, parking spaces, number of bedrooms, an outdoor space, and furnishings are a few things they look out for on top of the rental price.  […]

How We Staged This Minimalist Condo Unit in Ocean Drive Singapore

A  home is often a reflection of one’s personality. The design, features, and overall appeal of the home’s interior can affect the lifestyle, mood, and productivity of those living there. There is a growing popularity of minimalist spaces, and minimalist homes optimized to provide comfort, functionality, and clean aesthetics are on top of the trends. […]

Marketing Nov 21, 2022

Video Marketing for Real Estate Agents: Everything You Need to Know

Singaporeans watch broadcast videos on average for about 5.7 hours each week, according to a recent study. In contrast, they watched online videos for 8.7 hours a week. Singaporeans use YouTube the most, with 4.4 million users, followed by WhatsApp with 4.32 million. 88.7% of Singaporeans watch two hours of YouTube per day for […]

How We Stage This 2-Bedroom Condo Unit in Jervois Road Singapore

Condominium units are one of the most popular types of property in Singapore. Living in a condo unit has its fair share of pros and cons. However, many people, especially first-time homeowners, prefer to buy condo units over single-family homes for several reasons. Aside from it being more affordable than single-family houses, condo units also […]